Introduction to Heat Pumps

Unlock energy savings with up-to-date Heat Pump Training!

In this course, we'll take a look at air-source heat pumps in HVAC systems and how they move heat.

We'll discuss the benefits and energy efficiency advantages, as well as best practices for determining ideal sizing and design for installation. We'll also cover calculations to help you make a financial case for the purchase and installation of efficient, air-sourced heat pumps.

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BPI AC Heat Pump Training

Benefits of Heat Pump Training

Apply your HVAC knowledge to modernized heat pump systems.

Career Advancement

Further your career in the energy efficiency and HVAC industry. This heat pump training will enhance your knowledge and skills in assessing and optimizing heat pump systems, making you a valuable asset to employers seeking qualified professionals

Establish Credibility

Specializing in heat pumps enhances your professional credibility by demonstrating a deep understanding of cutting-edge, eco-friendly HVAC technologies. Employers and clients recognize the significance of heat pumps in achieving energy efficiency goals, making your expertise invaluable.

Have a Positive Impact

Your newfound knowledge of heat pump systems can actively contribute to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. This aligns with broader goals of creating more energy-efficient homes and buildings, addressing climate change, and meeting sustainability objectives.

How to Get Started

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1. Request This Training

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2. Participate in the Course

Depending on your needs, we can deliver this Introduction to Heat Pump training virtually with a live instructor or in person at your location.
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3. Celebrate Your Achievement

Complete a brief assessment at the end of the course to highlight what you've learned, and earn a Certificate of Completion from Everblue.

Introduction to Heat Pump Training Syllabus

BPI AC Heat Pump Training Syllabus

What You'll Learn

  • Basic Principles of Heat Pump Operations
  • Heat Pump Terms Defined
  • How Do Heat Pumps Work?
  • The Many Names of a Heat Pump
  • Customer Benefits from Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Market Trends
  • Heat Pump Operating Costs
  • Heat Pump Components
  • Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings Defined
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Quick Answers to Your Questions

Who is this class intended for?

This course is ideal for HVAC technicians, general contractors, electricians, home inspectors, energy auditors, students, and anyone interested in learning more about air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Are there any prerequisites?

No! Everyone is welcome to attend and learn about heat pump systems.

How do I begin the online training?

The first step is to contact us and request this training. We pride ourselves on our responsive and helpful customer service, and we look forward to helping you navigate the heat pump training. When you speak with our team, we can provide greater flexibility for date and location scheduling.

Once we've scheduled your training, we will create unique student accounts for each participant. Students will log into Everblue's secure online learning portal to access the pre-course reading materials. We will send out a reminder email before the scheduled training session, so that students know when to log into the virtual meeting and participate in the online interactive course.