NABCEP PV System Inspector

With the growth of solar installations, a new skill set in the solar workforce is proving to be in high demand -- solar system inspection. The NABCEP PV System Inspector Certification aims to fill this gap in the marketplace to ensure successful solar installations.

A NABCEP-certified PV System Inspector is responsible for interpreting design plans, conducting on-site system inspections, and reporting results to municipalities and agencies to ensure that solar electric systems are performing as they should.

  108 HOURS
NABCEP PV System Inspector

Earn a Solar PV Inspector Certification

This NABCEP PV Inspector training provides a comprehensive overview of solar electric systems and National Electric Code requirements.

Improve Your Knowledge

In addition to learning solar PV system design and installation technique, you'll also learn about mandatory code requirements. This package includes the most up-to-date version of the National Electrical Code.

Gain a Marketable Credential

NABCEP PV System Inspector is one of the newest certifications available, so you can become one of the elite few to have earned the designation. You'll certainly stand out from other jobseekers!

Qualify for a NABCEP Certification

This NABCEP-approved and IREC-accredited curriculum will give you a foundational understanding of solar energy concepts, workplace safety, electricity, code, system design, and installation.

"The course flow is excellent and very informative and self explanatory. It covers lots more than what I thought. Great job!"

- Ishavarbhai B. Patel


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The core goal of this program is to teach you how to assess the safety and operation of a solar panel system and verify that the system was designed and installed in accordance with code requirements.
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What You'll Learn

  • Types of Solar PV Systems
  • PV System Sizing
  • Basics of Electricity
  • Safety
  • PV System Components
  • Mechanical & Electrical System Design
  • Project Documentation
  • Permits and Approvals
  • Grounding, Wiring & Mounting
  • Relevant Codes

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NABCEP PV System Inspector



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"I found the course to be very informative and a great education."

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Quick Answers to Your NABCEP Questions

Who is this class intended for?

This course is ideal for individuals who perform inspections of solar panel systems for an Authority Having Jurisdiction (such as a Town Electrical Inspector) to ensure code compliance. Secondary audiences for the NABCEP PVSI Certification would include individuals performing inspection services for utilities to ensure compliance with interconnection requirements, individuals performing inspection services for incentive programs (state or utility rebate programs) to ensure quality workmanship and performance, and/or individuals performing inspections of systems installed through a finance mechanism (loan, lease, PPA, utility program, etc.).

What is the format of the NABCEP PV Inspector exam?

The computer-based exam is proctored from your home or office using a webcam. The test features 45 multiple-choice questions and must be taken within 2 hours. Candidates must score at least a 70 out of 99 to pass.

Is this course available to international candidates?

Yes! Because the training is online (self-paced), it is accessible from anywhere with a secure Internet connection.