BPI Building Analyst Professional Training & Exam

After you’ve passed the BPI Building Analyst Technician exam, upgrade your skills to become a Building Analyst Professional.

A Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) uses energy modeling software to model the energy upgrade potential of a home and to develop a scope of work. BA-P professionals use the data collected from diagnostic tests to determine how a homeowner can improve the energy efficiency of their home, lower their energy bills, and create a healthier/safe space.

The BPI BA-P Certification is nationally recognized and will underscore your expertise in home performance and energy auditing.

  10 HOURS
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Benefits of Building Analyst Professional Certification

Gain the knowledge you need to be successful as a home performance professional or energy auditor.

Grow Your Business

Qualify for utility rebate programs that require a "certified home energy auditor" with BPI BA-P Certification. This will become increasingly more important as rebate funds from the Inflation Reduction Act trickle down to the states.

Highlight Your Expertise

Building on previous knowledge and skills, a Building Analyst Professional demonstrates additional abilities, such as energy modeling, project administration, in-depth analysis, and workscope development.

Better Help Your Clients

As a true professional, the BA-P credential digs deeper into understanding the home conditions and can provide a more comprehensive look using the whole house approach. You'll be able to interpret diagnostic test results and determine if further action or testing is required.

"I learned so much. This course was laid out well. I really appreciated how organized the content was. It's incredible how you can summarize and package a career's worth of knowledge into such a simple and straightforward course."

- Rebecca Collinsworth


How to Get the BPI BA-P Certification

Earn the BPI Building Analyst Professional certification in just three steps!
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1. Pass the BPI BSP Exam

The BPI Building Science Principles (BSP) certificate of knowledge is a required first step for anyone pursuing BPI Certification.
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2. Pass the BPI BA-T Exam

The BPI Building Analyst Technician (BA-T) is the next required step before attempting the BPI Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) certification.
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3. Register for This Package

Enroll in our self-paced online course, learn how to use energy modeling software to develop a work scope, and take your official BA-P written exam.

Get 6 Months Access

To help you prepare for your exam, we provide 6 months access to our secure online learning portal.
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BPI BA-P Course Topics

  • Construction Math
  • Principles of Heat, Moisture & Airflow
  • Building Structural Elements
  • Energy Modeling
  • Work Scope Development
  • Common Problems & Solutions
  • The Energy Audit Process
  • Health & Safety

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"I now have a new appreciation for my field technicians and the services that we offer to our clients. I feel so much more confident explaining how our services help homeowners."

- Molly Jones


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class intended for?

This class is ideal for anyone who wants to work as a certified home energy auditor. A background in HVAC, insulation, construction, weatherization, or another residential trade is beneficial. If your goal is to analyze the energy efficiency of a home and provide energy upgrade recommendations to a client, this is the course for you!

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you must pass the BPI Building Science Principles exam AND the BPI Building Analyst Technician exam before you can become a BPI Building Analyst Professional.