Weatherization Installer Badges

Statewide Badging Platform for WAP Crew Leaders

Aligned with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) weatherization badges toolkit, Everblue's Weatherization Installer Badges provide a high quality and scalable alternative to multi-day training events.

Simply log in from your phone and quickly earn digital badges associated with your work tasks.

weatherization installer badges

Benefits of Weatherization Installer Badges

Upskill Quickly

Earn up to 25 weatherization badges from your smartphone! No travel or taking off from work necessary. Each module consists of a short video showing how to properly perform a task (e.g. seal & insulate knee walls).

Standardize Crew Skills

With a central repository for all content that’s easily accessible and easily repeatable, the online badges program provides consistent knowledge comparable to on-the-job training for each member of the team.

Quickly Scale Workforce

With this combination of online coursework and hands-on verification, micro-badging programs can swifty expand the nation’s workforce to support the upcoming Inflation Reduction Act legislation.

How to Earn Weatherization Installer Badges

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1. Watch Videos

Each module includes a short video and quiz, which can be completed in 15 minutes from your phone.

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2. Get QCI Sign-off

A Quality Control Inspector (QCI) professional signs off that you’ve performed the task in the field.
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3. Earn Badge(s)

Obtain a digital badge recognizing your knowledge and skills!

Micro Badge Topics

This program is aligned with the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the HEP Crew Leader designation. All 25 badges cover 100% of the material in the Crew Leader Job Task Analysis. Alternatively, each micro-badge equals one slice of the overall JTA.

Micro-Badge Topics Include

  • Air Seal Attic Floor
  • Seal and Dam Heat Sources in Attic
  • Insulate Attic Floor
  • Seal and Insulate Knee Walls
  • Install Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation
  • Install Weather Stripping and Sweep Set
  • Air Seal & Insulate Walls of a Conditioned Subspace
  • Air Seal Floor Above an Unconditioned Subspace
  • Install Ducting for a Bath or Kitchen Range Fan
  • Air Seal & Insulate Ducted Distribution System
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Quick Answers to Your Weatherization Badge Questions

Who are these badges intended for?

The Weatherization Installer Badges are perfect for those participating in their state’s Weatherization Assistance Program in a crew leader or retrofit installer capacity. We recommend that states use their Training & Technical Assistance (T&TA) funds to purchase this training.

Why should I watch these videos instead of participating in a different educational program?

It is difficult and expensive to send a crew member to multi-day training events due to the cost of training, travel, and lost production. With this badges program, the training is broken down into task-specific videos, so you can complete only the module you need for that day’s work without the burden of completing a whole program prior to a job.

In addition, you can access the training from your smartphone - whether that’s at home, on the job, or in the car traveling between jobs.

These badges provide an excellent opportunity to receive high-quality instruction from an experienced IREC Accredited training provider without the hassle of taking off from work.

Will I earn the HEP Crew Leader Certification after completing this program?

The Everblue Crew Leader badges are fully aligned with the Crew Leader job task analysis. However, completing our badges program does not award a BPI Certification. Rather, it signifies that someone has learned and performed 100% of the tasks listed in the Crew Leader JTA.

DOE no longer recognizes BPI's Crew Leader certification now that Crew Leader badges are available. Everblue has created the only online badges training + digital tracking system that is fully aligned with DOE's badges specifications and the legacy Crew Leader Job Task Analysis.