LEED Accredited Professional Jobs

Who Should Get LEED?

Since LEED is a comprehensive rating system that analyzes the lifespan of the building, from planning and design to construction and operations, it essentially impacts all professionals involved with these phases.

Architects, engineers, construction managers, and contractors are commonly at the heart of all LEED building projects. But they're not the only ones who benefit from the LEED Accreditation process.

Let's take a look at some of the other jobs that benefit from LEED.

leed accredited professionals huddle

Careers that Use LEED

Just a sample of jobs that use LEED in their work.
commercial cleaning
Commercial Cleaners
building commissioning
Commissioning Agents
construction management
Construction Management
environmental engineer
Environmental Engineers
landscape architecture
Landscape Architects
pest control
Pest Control / Exterminators
plumbing contractors
Plumbing Contractors
product manufacturers
Product Manufacturers
real estate attorney
Real Estate Attorneys
Structural Engineers
campus sustainability director
University Sustainability Directors
urban planning
Urban Planners
Learn LEED

Add LEED to Your Skills

Virtually anyone benefits from earning at least the LEED Green Associate credential.

By itself, the LEED Green Associate credential provides a broad understanding of green principles and strategies.

This is useful in any imaginable field of the future, from education to business to sales.