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Reviewed on Jun 14, 2022



Tony was very professional and very knowledgeable about the course and expectations. His expertise was very good, our class is very lucky to have Tony as our instructor

- John LeBlanc

Reviewed on Jun 08, 2022



This course enabled me to learn so much more then I was aware of. The instructor, Chris Boggiano spoke very understandable and clear. I recommend taking this course if you are just getting started in the solar industry, you will learn so much. Thank you, Chris Boggiano and the Everblue team!

- Zionna Holm

Reviewed on May 18, 2022



The course presentation was presented in a very clear and easily understood manner. Tony E. was a great instructor and made this course very beneficial to me.

- Anthony Coleman

Reviewed on May 17, 2022



Anthony is very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful In all areas of the training he provided. He taught us all that we need to know and increased our knowledge very much. I hope that when I need to re-certify in the coming years, that he is the instructor again. Thanks Tony

- Isidoro Castillo

Reviewed on Apr 25, 2022



Great course. It definitely helped me to see a bigger picture and get the basics to grow our knowledge from. Thank you!

- Brad Hyman

Reviewed on Apr 11, 2022



Tony was a amazing instructor and answered all my questions!! He was very instructive and explained everything in great detail!!

- Kristopher Edwards

Reviewed on Apr 03, 2022



Great program!

- Jarrett Maisey

Reviewed on Mar 31, 2022



The class and instructor were very good. Learned quite a bit in a short time and was never confused.

- Joe Jacquinot

Reviewed on Mar 30, 2022



Thank you for your thorough guidance through this course.

- Phil Serio

Reviewed on Mar 14, 2022



Thoroughly enjoyed the course & Chris as an instructor. Will definitely be recommending to work friends/colleagues.

- Nicholas Knight