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TREC is an amazing funding opportunity that comes with an intimidating application process (and equally confusing implementation guidelines).

Everblue is an industry leader that is currently helping many states quickly understand the in's and out's of TREC and how to best put it to use - effectively, efficiently, and effortlessly.

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The following templates are designed to help states with their TREC applications. To some extent, the template is like the answer key to the required grant proposal that states can make desired changes, insert their name, and submit for funding.

Please note: Everblue's sample answers have not been approved by DOE SCEP and are meant to serve as a starting point for states drafting their applications.

Community Benefits

The Department of Energy (DOE) requires Community Benefits Plans as part of all BIL and IRA funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) and loan applications.

Community Benefits Plans are based on a set of four core policy priorities: investing in America's workforce; engaging communities and labor; advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; and implementing Justice 40. These key principles, when incorporated comprehensively into project proposals and applications and executed upon, will help ensure broadly shared prosperity in the clean energy transition.

Supporting Data

Using North Carolina as an example... The IRA allocates $209,226,120 for NC. At a maximum of $14000/home, that's approximately 15,000 homes. Servicing 15000 homes over 4-5 years is 3000-3750 homes per year.

TREC allocates $3,698,030 for training with $369,803 in allowed administrative funding. That leaves $3,328,227 for recruiting & training. Facilitating the IRA and other Energy Efficiency focused funding, NC needs 660 new employees annually with 300 requiring training per year based on new entrants and turnover.

With 1200 trainees, that averages to $2775 per employee for training. This could look like 100 apprentices at $12000/trainee, 1000 certifications at $2115/trainee, and 100 skills/business based trainees.


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