Cold Climate Heat Pump Sizing

Learn about the unique characteristics that deem air source heat pumps appropriate for cold climate regions.

We’ll explore the historical methods of sizing these heat pumps and contrast them with contemporary sizing and selection approaches. Our aim is to provide comprehensive insights, ensuring a clear understanding for successful decision-making in the realm of air source heat pumps.

  24 HOURS
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Benefits of Cold Climate Heat Pump Training

Apply your HVAC knowledge to modernized heat pump systems.

Stand Out in a Fast Growing Industry

Though heat pumps have been around for decades, recent advancements in technology have improved their efficiency and performance. For these reasons, rebates and tax credits are encouraging greater adoption of heat pumps. Now is the best time to reacquaint yourself with the principles of heat pump operation.

Upgrade Your Skill Set

While you may be generally familiar with HVAC systems, the reemergence of heat pumps as a more widespread alternative creates a great opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level. With a specialty in cold climate heat pumps, you’ll have more tools in your proverbial toolbox and increased marketability.

Have a Positive Impact

With improved reliability and effectiveness in colder regions, you can help your community save energy and money with a suitable alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

How to Get Started

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1. Request This Training

Contact us to schedule this training with your state weatherization assistance program, community action agency, or employer.
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2. Participate in the Course

Depending on your group’s needs, we can deliver this Cold Climate Heat Pump training virtually with a live instructor or in person at your location.
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3. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Complete a brief assessment at the end of the course to highlight what you've learned, and earn a Certificate of Completion from Everblue.

Cold Climate Heat Pump Training Syllabus

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What You'll Learn

  • Basic principles of heat pump operations
  • Variable capacity air source heat pump (VCHP) operations
  • Load calculations and why they matter
  • Sizing and selection methods
  • System design options and considerations
  • Control strategies and thermostat options
  • Design best-practices and recommendations
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Quick Answers to Your Questions

Who is this class intended for?

This Cold Climate Heat Pump Sizing course is designed for heat pump designers and installers, utility program implementers, regulators, less experienced and alternative contractors, heat pump contractors’ sales and admin staff, and anyone else interested in cold climate heat pump sizing.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to attend this training. However, familiar with HVAC systems is a plus.

How do I begin the online training?

The first step is to contact us and request this training for your team. The Cold Climate Heat Pump training is reserved only for groups, which means there's greater flexibility for date and location scheduling.

Once we've scheduled your training, we will create unique student accounts for each participant. Students will log into Everblue's secure online learning portal to access the pre-course reading materials. We will send out a reminder email before the scheduled training session, so that students know when to log into the virtual meeting and participate in the online interactive course.