HEP Energy Auditor

Offered by the Building Performance Institute and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and its National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the new Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor Certification is one of the industry's highest credentials.

This advanced BPI certification proves that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to get the job done right.

  40 HOURS
HEP Energy Auditor training

Benefits of the HEP Energy Auditor Certification

The HEP Energy Auditor Certification represents the highest level of knowledge, skills, and abilities of a professional home energy auditor.

Stand Out from Competitors

Gain one of the industry’s highest credentials possible. Between the education and work experience requirements, there's a small niche of candidates who even qualify for this credential. Join the ranks of the elite in the home energy auditing industry!

Highlight Your Technical Expertise

With support and technical guidance coming from the federal government, the HEP Energy Auditor standard offers the most advanced methods for testing buildings. This certification will help you showcase your advanced depth of knowledge.

Qualify for Government Work

With the HEP Energy Auditor Certification, you can qualify for Weatherization Assistance Program work being funded by the federal government. This credential will open you up to a new and exclusive revenue stream.

"Very satisfied with the class and the way the information was explained. It is a lot of information packed into a week. The class was fun and I am happy that Bruce was our instructor. Thanks."

- David Bostrom


How to Earn the HEP EA Certification

You can get HEP Energy Auditor Certification in just three steps!
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1. Take Our Course

Join one of our regularly scheduled live classes and take the written and field certification exams at the end of the course.
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2. Pass the Written Exam

You'll have 2 hours to complete a 100 multiple-choice question exam.
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3. Pass the Field Exam

You'll have 4 hours to complete a hands-on exam where you'll demonstrate combustion safety tasks.

Get 6 Months Access

To help you prepare for your certification exams, we provide 6 months access to our secure online learning portal.
BPI combustion safety testing

What You'll Learn

  • Professional energy audit conduct
  • How to collect information about a building for an energy audit
  • Energy audit process
  • How to evaluate the collected energy audit data
  • Compliance with the program or project requirements
  • Educate homeowner on energy usage, mold, lead, and ventilation
  • Address homeowner's concerns and use of the home

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HEP Energy Auditor Training



Program Highlights
Attend a Live, Hands-on Training Course
Complete the HEP Energy Auditor Written Exam
Complete the HEP Energy Auditor Field Exam
Includes Downloadable Field Exam Checklist
Includes Online Practice Questions
Access to Course Materials for 6 Months
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"Bruce Oxendale did a great job teaching the class. He was well prepared, got the class involved and was very knowledgeable of the material. One of the best classes I've attended."

- Ted Wilson


Quick Answers to Your HEP Questions

Who is this class intended for?

The course is ideal for home energy auditors, home inspectors, home performance business owners, and anyone wanting to learn more about home energy auditing at an advanced level.

What are the prerequisites to take this exam?

If you are seeking the HEP Energy Auditor certification, you must satisfy BPI's prerequisites, which include meeting a mix of education and work experience requirements. Once approved by BPI, candidates will get a letter that is passed onto our BPI Exam Proctors.

How is BPI Building Analyst different from HEP Energy Auditor?

The BPI Building Analyst Certification was created by BPI to represent an entry-level, standard job role in home energy auditing. The HEP Energy Auditor Certification was created by the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratories as the ideal level of knowledge for a home energy auditor.

The BPI Building Analyst Certification can be a prerequisite used to qualify for HEP Energy Auditor. Unlike BPI Building Analyst, HEP Energy Auditor requires candidates to demonstrate advanced competency through education and work experience prerequisites.

Do the exams have to be taken in person?

Yes, the standard requires that the exams be proctored in person with an approved BPI Test Center, such as Everblue.