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Energy Auditor Training Grant Program

Energy Auditor Training Grant Program

The Energy Auditor Training Grant Program is designed to provide grants to eligible States to train individuals to conduct energy audits or surveys of commercial and residential buildings to build the clean energy workforce, save customers money on their energy bills, and reduce pollution from building energy use.

This is a new program from the Office of State and Community Energy Programs.

How much money is available through the Energy Auditor Training Grant?

There is $40,000,000 available.

Who is eligible to receive the Energy Auditor Training Grant?

It’s important to note that the direct recipients of this federal funding is the State, not individual contractors or companies.

The estimated application opening date is Q1 2023.

For more information about how much money will be allocated to your state, contact your State Energy Office. Be sure to urge them to apply for the funding. It’s not automatically given out.

The first 3-5 months of 2023 will be busy for the state energy offices, as they’ll be wanting to take advantage of all the new programs associated with the Inflation Reduction Act, but be persistent! It’s very important that the state energy offices pay attention to application information for the Energy Auditor Training Grant.

Once the state earns the federal money, that can trickle down to the contractors and companies seeking training and certification. (And that’s where Everblue comes in!)

How can this funding be used?

The Energy Auditor Training Grant is designed to cover any cost associated with individuals being trained or certified to conduct energy audits.

We anticipate a surge of demand for the BPI Building Analyst Certification, which is a nationally recognized home energy auditor certification that can be completed online or in person. This entry-level BPI certification provides a strong foundation for anyone who wants to become a certified home energy auditor. This certification can also be used as a prerequisite to qualify for the more advanced HEP Energy Auditor Certification, which has been specifically identified in the federal legislation as an energy auditor training goal for this grant.

We also anticipate the RESNET HERS Rater Certification to fall within the acceptable terms of the Energy Auditor Training Grant requirements, as it is also a nationally recognized home energy auditor certification.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) are competing organizations. Here at Everblue, we provide training and administer the exams for both certifications, so either way, you’re covered! For more information, give us a call at (800) 460-2575.

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