Everblue HOMES & HEAR Software Platforms

Everblue HOMES & HEAR Software Platforms

Everblue offers three software platforms to assist with the implementation of the HOMES & HEAR rebate programs:

• Consolidated Application & Verification Portal

• Contractor Database

• Rebate Workflows & Processing

Within these platforms, Everblue uses digital forms and automated low code workflows to braid rebates and integrate financing.

Everblue HOMES & HEAR Rebate Software

Application & Verification Portal

Everblue's web-based portal serves as a streamlined universal application and verification system tailored for state energy offices, simplifying access to various state energy programs for residents.

By inputting their information once, residents receive a comprehensive list of qualifying programs and can initiate applications directly within the platform. This consolidation expedites the process, benefiting both residents and program implementers by reducing administrative burdens and increasing efficiency.

Contractor Database

Everblue's contractor database offers a real-time listing of certified individuals available to perform energy efficiency and electrification retrofits under the HOMES and HEEHRA rebate programs.

The eligible contractor database will be publicly available and searchable by homeowners looking for a qualified, high-quality contractor to perform Home Energy Rebate retrofits.

Contractors will have to meet and uphold standards set by the state energy office or they will be removed from the directory and ineligible to participate in future HOMES or HEEHRA rebate projects.

Rebate Workflows & Processing

Everblue enhances the management of home energy rebates through robust automated workflows. These workflows, customizable to suit various stages of the rebate process, ensure efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.

Everblue's platform simplifies application submission with an intuitive interface, automates initial reviews, and seamlessly integrates with the Department of Energy (DOE) API for rebate reservations.

Furthermore, it generates vouches for electrification rebates and automates funds disbursement, payment requests, and status updates. This comprehensive approach optimizes the rebate management process, improving efficiency and the overall user experience..

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