RESNET HERS Rater Certification

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By Sean Gray
RESNET Program Manager
What is HERS Rater Certification?

Earn Your Home Energy Auditor Certification

Get certified to offer home energy audits and home energy ratings on new construction homes.

The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to standardizing procedures for energy auditors.

RESNET relies on a network of affiliated organizations, such as Everblue, to provide training on the RESNET Technical Standards and to guide candidates through the exam and certification process.

Why RESNET HERS Rater Certification?

  • Grow your home performance company
  • Qualify for tax credit and rebates
  • Improve your career

Become an Expert in Home Performance

HERS Raters are trained to identify heating, cooling, and air leakage problems in new homes.

The two services that HERS Raters predominantly offer are:

  • Home energy audits
  • Home energy ratings

Both services involve evaluating the overall conditions of a home and identifying energy-related issues at the source.

After performing these diagnostic tests, HERS Raters are able to label a home with a score that represents the home's energy use.

Energy Code Compliance specialist

Great for Home Inspectors & Residential Contractors

If you have a passion for homebuilding done right, RESNET HERS Rater Certification is the right choice for you.
builders and contractors working together

With RESNET HERS Rater Certification, you can use building science principles to help builders construct the most energy-efficient homes.

Those who benefit most from HERS Rater Certification include:

  • Home inspectors
  • General contractors
  • HVAC technicians

Most HERS Raters are self-employed and work with home builders to offer code compliance services.

Why Get HERS Rater Certified?

Enjoy a New Career in a Growing Industry

RESNET HERS scores are increasingly being written into mandatory building codes.

RESNET HERS Rater Certification enables you to enter a growing industry with real skills that you can use immediately in the field.

As a HERS Rater, you'll be able to:

  • meet 2009, 2012, and 2015 IECC code requirements
  • inspect ENERGY STAR v3 homes
  • qualify for rebates and incentive programs
new construction
How Do I Become a HERS Rater?

Register for HERS Rater Training Today

We'll teach you everything you need to know to pass your certification exams.

No prerequisites! You can start HERS Rater training as early as TODAY.

RESNET HERS Rater Certification is a 2-step process:

  • Training - You must complete training with an Accredited Training Provider (which we are)
  • Certification - You must agree to quality assurance with a RESNET Accredited Rating QA Provider

If you're not quite ready to register for the program, keep learning on our HERS Rater certification process page.