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LEED Online is Second Best Resource for LEED Certification

LEED Online is important for earning LEED Certification. Learn more about the software program here.

LEED Online is Second Best Resource for LEED Certification

LEED Online is a rating system selector. It manages project details and shows how common details of your project fit into various credits. It’s a great way to plan and pursue LEED certification, keeping track of which credits were pursued and how many points were earned.

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Why do we list LEED Online as the “second best” resource? Because the first best resource is a knowledgeable person on staff who has earned a LEED credential!

But seriously, the two work together. A LEED Accredited Professional is the person how is physically managing the LEED building project, whereas LEED Online is the software program that manages all the details of the project.

Here are some other features of the software:

  • Assign LEED credits to project team members
  • Complete documentation requirements for LEED credits and prerequisites
  • Upload supporting files (images, blueprints, etc.)
  • Receive Automatic Data Checks
  • Submit applications for review
  • Communicate with reviewer and receive feedback
  • Earn LEED certification

Register today for an Everblue LEED course and learn more about the LEED certification process! We’ll teach you all about the LEED credits so that you can become the human rating system selector. Whether you rely on the software or not, it’s advantageous for anyone working on a LEED project to thoroughly understand all of the credits.

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