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Reviewed on Feb 29, 2020



Everyone has been most helpful. Professional and courteous.

- Forrest Sawyer

Reviewed on Feb 28, 2020



Thank you for a great course.

- Doug Hansel-Pauly

Reviewed on Feb 24, 2020



I found the course to be very informative and a great education. The course emphasized a lot of math and in my exam, I only had one question that I need to use the equations taught to me.

- Randy Lierman

Reviewed on Feb 18, 2020



Great course

- Philip Gosnell Jr

Reviewed on Jan 21, 2020



Good online course, laid out well.

- Timothy Miller

Reviewed on Jan 20, 2020



Tony Ericksen is excellent. Informative, entertaining & exceptional at teaching. If I take another course I would request Tony without a doubt.

- Carl Gronlund

Reviewed on Jan 17, 2020



Tony Eriksen is an excellent instructor. He was very confident, and had good reason to be - he was prepared. A comfortable, respectful atmosphere was created, and all students seemed to feel free to ask questions and for further explanation. Great instructor. Great course.

- Jon Coats

Reviewed on Jan 14, 2020



Thank you Everblue Training Institute! The PV101 Solar Fundamentals course was incredibly educational, good pace and presentation. I look forward to taking the PV202 course sometime in the future.

- Sarah Miller

Reviewed on Jan 09, 2020



The instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the material and the hands-on training was exactly what I needed to help train for the field exam.

- Ryan Reeves

Reviewed on Dec 30, 2019



Great course, second I have taken for recertification credits and look forward to the same training for my third.

- Michael Stokes