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Reviewed on Jan 21, 2020



Good online course, laid out well.

- Timothy Miller

Reviewed on Jan 14, 2020



Thank you Everblue Training Institute! The PV101 Solar Fundamentals course was incredibly educational, good pace and presentation. I look forward to taking the PV202 course sometime in the future.

- Sarah Miller

Reviewed on Dec 16, 2019



Very productive course, specific and practice, i enjoyed from the beginning through the final.

- Antonio Miranda

Reviewed on Sep 06, 2019



Learned a lot about solar that I never even knew about.

- Kevin Combs

Reviewed on Aug 14, 2019



Great Course. I learned so much!

- Jake Kores

Reviewed on Aug 02, 2019



Very informative. Good presentation.

- David Logan

Reviewed on Jul 16, 2019



I really enjoyed the course and being able to work at my own pace over a 6 month period. My work is kind of seasonal and Spring and Fall are busy times for me. Having the 180 days allowed me to work on my courses as time allowed.

- Tim Dreher

Reviewed on May 02, 2019



Great course! Learned a ton. Will be using to train employees of my new Solar startup company in Illinois!

- Eric Payne

Reviewed on Jan 04, 2019



I enjoyed the course. Joel did a great job instructing. Trisha Knight at Everblue was ever so helpful! The material flowed well.

- Vincent Fox

Reviewed on Nov 18, 2018



The course was very well designed and delivered. Some of the concepts were old, which should be revised (Ex: PV Watts). Some of the common questions should have been covered during the course. Overall an excellent course and great learning experience.

- Kavin Shah