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Reviewed on Oct 25, 2023



Extremely Informative. Chris Boggiano did it again. I can only hope to be half as smart as Chris. He gets 5 stars across the board. Thank you Everblue and thank you Chris.

- Juma Lawson

Reviewed on Oct 01, 2023



Course material was great and equally great listening to the trainer. Nicely setup to become successful as PV Associate.

- Bhanu Valasa

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2023



Great course. I would like to congratulate Jon on the approach - having the presentation, 'live' notes as he spoke, and being able to watch him at the same time worked out well. Also, having taken many courses over time, it is rare to find a trainer who can actually distill several concepts from different fields into easily understood concepts. Jon covered a lot of ground from lag bolts to electrical fundamentals to AHJ incentives, solar growth around the world... and 'externalities' - thanks for the perspective. Great job!

- Nancy Mullahy

Reviewed on May 03, 2023



Course was extremely informative and have learned so much in a short time! Thanks EverBlue

- Eamon Lupien

Reviewed on Apr 08, 2023



Great instructional videos, they were easy to follow and very informative.

- David Guerra

Reviewed on Dec 06, 2022



The course was very knowledgeable! Thank you!

- George Kingsley

Reviewed on Nov 01, 2022



The course was excellent, so was the presenter.

- Ernest Brown

Reviewed on Oct 24, 2022



Good course. I feel I learned a lot.

- Nick Pinaud

Reviewed on Aug 23, 2022



This class was very informative and detailed.

- Trey Chesser

Reviewed on Jul 12, 2022



Your courses are a lot better and far less frustrating than a traditional college. I am happy to pay money to not have to deal with the hassle of attending a college or university. I really appreciate the bluntness your company has. I pay money, you provide content and we're done. No "student life" distractions, no football team. Just money on the barrel and we're done. I wish I had thought of this career path years ago. Being able to knock out 40 hrs in a matter of weeks is a huge incentive for me. Self-paced material is an incredible time saver that I think traditional universities are blind to. The interesting thing about the solar industry from my point of view is that I can receive the training without having to deal with a college or university unlike many other trades. The training side of matters at least seems to be in a "sweet spot" at the moment. I hope the industry continues to be in this range of training and that other trades become more accessible, although I have my doubts. Many students simply want to learn the trade and not have to deal with other "rounding out" content like english classes or unnecessary electives like languages or astronomy. Great class, ya'll are doing good work.

- Chad Hamilton