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Reviewed on Jan 18, 2024



Enjoyed the courses so far looking forward to more

- Bryan Hough

Reviewed on Dec 19, 2023



Easy and informational overview on energy modeling. Thank you.

- Caleb Jung

Reviewed on Mar 11, 2020



Thanks to you and Everblue for putting this training together. It was very informative.

- David Choo

Reviewed on Feb 28, 2020



Thank you for a great course.

- Doug Hansel-Pauly

Reviewed on Oct 09, 2017



Very worthwhile course. Generally well presented. I learned a great deal over the course of the week and feel like I got what I needed and wanted out of the course.

- Jon Gensler

Reviewed on Aug 10, 2017



Excellent course. Very informative.

- Mark Osborne

Reviewed on May 26, 2017



The course was very comprehensive and well formatted. The instructor was great and made sure any questions or concerns were addressed. The post-training follow up has been excellent as well. I would definitely take another course with Everblue and with Ryan Bennett.

- Cindy Z.

Reviewed on May 03, 2017



I am a newcomer to the industry. Recent Code requirements increasing intrigued me to pursue the training as a business opportunity. I am confident with what I learned and experienced that I can move forward with my business plan. Thank you for a great course!!

- Rick Bamberger

Reviewed on May 01, 2017



Great Course and Instructor. More in the field training would be great, but I know we have a short timeline.

- Ben Ellis

Reviewed on May 01, 2017



This course certainly prepared me to take and pass the RESNET HERS Rater core exam

- Jason Payne