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Reviewed on Nov 17, 2020



I really enjoyed my BPI training with my instructor, Sean. He did an excellent job communicating the skills and concepts we needed to understand to succeed not only on the exam but in the field as well. The class size was small and intimate and allowed for a great hands-on learning experience. The little hospitality touches that Everblue provided with coffee and snacks didn't hurt as well! I look forward to continuing my BPI certifications with Everblue!

- Lucas Yanetsko

Reviewed on Nov 17, 2020



The videos were helpful

- Jazmine Marable

Reviewed on Nov 13, 2020



Excellent training

- Edmundo Gonzalez

Reviewed on Sep 28, 2020



With the pandemic shutdown, our agency was at a loss as to how to get BPI training. We had employees try out two online companies, and one of these was Everbluetraining.com. I heard nothing but complaints regarding the other online training. But not regarding Everbluetraining.com. I listened in on some of the training of both of these companies. Based upon employee participation, feedback, rate of progress, and passing certification, I must state that Everbluetraining.com won out by a mile. Thank you, Sean, for your part in this training. We hope to send all our future candidates to you guys.

- John Cokendolpher

Reviewed on Apr 03, 2020



Enjoyed the class

- Kenny Hart

Reviewed on Mar 17, 2020



Good teacher, explained everything clearly

- Justin Slagle

Reviewed on Mar 14, 2020



I just completed training with Tony in the Boston area. He ran a very professional and personable class. Very patient and thorough! I would grade his class an A+!

- Carl Johnson

Reviewed on Mar 12, 2020



Instructor was very knowledgeable. Class was great information to make our company better.

- Duane White

Reviewed on Mar 11, 2020



Tony Erickson is the best teacher I've had. He was understanding and leads the class with a professional attitude that definitely shows. His number one thing he said he was going to work on was easing our anxiety. I've struggled with that immensely and for an instructor to focus on that meant the world to me.

- James Friedeborn

Reviewed on Feb 18, 2020



Great course

- Philip Gosnell Jr