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Reviewed on Nov 11, 2023



I liked the way the information was presented and explained.

- Jennifer S.

Reviewed on Nov 07, 2023



Tony Erickson was an excellent instructor . The hands on instruction was excellent . I attended a blower door class in 2017 with little success, With Tonys instruction and hands on teaching method it was hands down a much better class.

- Dana Lisco

Reviewed on Nov 04, 2023



Tony is a great instructor!

- Payton Hall

Reviewed on Oct 18, 2023



Good informative class. Actually moved right along and kept engaged in listening.

- Tim Good

Reviewed on Oct 08, 2023



This course was informative and helped me develop a deeper understanding of building science. I would highly recommend this course to peers and colleagues.

- Victor Gonzalez

Reviewed on Oct 06, 2023



The course helped me understand my job a lot better.

- Nick Leone Jr.

Reviewed on Jul 11, 2023



Tony was VERY good at showing us how to use the equipment and explaining everything to us. He made sure we were comfortable with everything before taking the exam and was willing to spend as much time as what was needed. Thank you Tony!

- Todd Edley

Reviewed on Jun 27, 2023



I enjoyed the training that was provided. Very professional the set up the instructor. Was all better then I was expecting. The instructor made us feel comfortable and easy for us to understand the training and course material.

- Bryan Bentley

Reviewed on Jun 26, 2023



Tony was great! Very knowledgeable and made the class fun.

- Nick Bingham

Reviewed on Jun 26, 2023



Tony is a great instructor! He communicates very well and is extremely knowledgeable. He takes time with every student to make sure they are comfortable with all hands on testing.

- Steve Mathena