Quantum Grid Initiative Can Help Secure Power Grids

An introduction to security and encryption

Quantum Grid Initiative Can Help Secure Power Grids

The U.S. power grid is vulnerable to attack by foreign actors, terrorists, and criminals. How we secure this vital infrastructure is critically important for our national security and our very way of life. One interesting idea is the Quantum Grid Initiative from a Southern California-based startup called Qubitekk.

quantum grid initiative

I learned about this Quantum Power Grid initiative in a New York Times article that was focused on China’s scientific and practical application lead in Quantum technologies. Near the end of the article was a callout for some American efforts at commercializing Quantum technologies.

*”Qubitekk is working to secure power grids in Tennessee using the technology. A second start-up, Quantum Xchange, is building a quantum encryption network in the Northeast, hoping to serve Wall Street banks and other businesses. Researchers at Stony Brook University on Long Island are preparing a third venture.”

See the original NY Times article.

This is a very interesting initiative and the benefits of quantum technology for grid security and reliability can’t come soon enough. For now, the question is, which utility companies will pioneer innovative security applications like this?

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