Online Proctoring

Online Test Proctoring is a Mess

Why we decided to branch out and start offering an online proctoring service

Online Test Proctoring is a Mess

We partnered with a company called ProctorFree to launch an online proctoring service because everything about online proctoring and testing was hard.

First, we had students and test takers traveling long distances and paying large sums of money to test in live testing centers. That hampered our growth and limited the options and accessibility for students.

Second, we built an automated proctoring business, BUT then we’d spend months integrating with our partners and turning away partners that didn’t already have an integrated Learning Management System. In short, we always, ALWAYS moved faster than any of our partners because their legacy LMS systems were creaky and antiquated.

Finally, we said what if we built an integrated test and proctoring system? What if it was simple to use and start? Like within the same day? Wow! So we did it, and we’ve been delighting customers for a few months now.

The remarkable thing is, we had been doing all of this without a section on our website dedicated to this service! That’s how bad the online testing and proctoring market is! That’s how painful it is! Customers were willing to use our software even though we didn’t even have a webpage.

But we do now! Visit our Online Proctoring page to learn more about this service, or give us a call at 800-460-2575.

Join us, as we aim to make your life easier, simpler, and more secure.

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