Test Delivery

Test Delivery

With our test delivery services, you can create any type of online assessment, run it anywhere in the world, at any time, for any number of candidates.


Exam Digitization

test digitization

Nowadays, people have come to expect to take their exam on a computer. With test digitization, we can load your test questions into a secure online testing environment that’s locked down to authorized users only.

Bring your outdated paper exams into the 21st century!

  • Convert paper exams to digital
  • Make grading easier & faster
  • Allow users to access from any location
  • Grow your exam’s reach

Exam Psychometrics

Improve the credibility and validity of your exam content by enlisting the help of our exam psychometrics team. Our specialists are trained to evaluate the objectivity of your test questions, ensuring that scores are accurate and reliable across time, individuals, and locations.

Take your exams to the next level with expertly crafted psychometric analysis and score interpretation.

  • Create fairly worded questions
  • Eliminate test bias
  • Accurately measure learning objectives
  • Ensure a high-quality exam
exam psychometrics

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