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How to Successfully Learn Online While Staying at Home

How to Successfully Learn Online While Staying at Home

I woke up this morning to the following public safety alert. I’ve already been quarantined for 12 days, and the days are starting to blur together.

mecklenburg county stay at home order

We recognize that many people have either not experienced online learning, remain skeptical, or simple are unsure how to fit it into what can be a chaotic schedule.

Here’s how we recommend finding success.

Step 1 – Choose what you want to learn. Register for the course or certification. Seriously, this little act of momentum is exciting. Let’s use that.

Step 2 – Write down your why. Write down why you want the training and what your hopes are for the future. Doing so will help provide motivation as you go through the process.

Step 3 – Find a consistent time each day. For me, it’s first thing in the morning. This is before my kids wake up. All is quiet. I get very few notifications, and I can simply focus.

Step 4 – Shut down distractions. Seriously, turn off your phone or put it in Do Not Disturb mode. Close social media, Slack, email, and anything else that will distract you. I know it is addicting, but your future self will thank you for your discipline. Personally, this is why I find early morning to be the easiest.

Bonus Tip: Schedule it on your calendar. Use “Focused Learning” and block it out so no one else encroaches on your turf.

Step 5 – Enlist a coach. Find someone to hold you accountable. Tell them your goal.

Step 6 – Make a game of it.

Step 7 – Reward yourself.

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