Account FAQs

Account FAQs

We have prepared some frequently asked questions for you. Browse our list below.

Where do I log into my account?

Click on the user icon in the top right corner of our website.

I registered for the wrong course by mistake. How do I exchange this course for a different one?

Email us with an explanation of the situation, your order number, and the name of the course you meant to register for. We will work with you to resolve the issue.

Why don't I see my course in my portal?

Access to a course is for 180 days (6 months) from the day of registration, so it's possible that your access has expired. If this sounds like it could be your issue, you may purchase a 30-day course extension.

Please confirm that you are using the correct username and password that was emailed at the time of registration.

If you still cannot access your course, please email us, and we will assist you further.

How do I track my course completion?

There will be a progress bar on the main Moodle Dashboard as well as a right sidebar block in the course to show progress/completion.

How do I see my grades?

Click on the Grades link in the left sidebar of your course.

How do I access my course certificate?

Refer to the course directory in the left sidebar, and it will take you to the section of the course where you can download your certificate of completion.