Student Raves

Comments from professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, public policy, and education excerpted from full comments below:
“… far and away the best instructor I had since graduating from my Masters program…”
“… obvious you are a professional educator.”
“… the brightest and most entertaining orator I’ve ever seen…”
“… never met somebody who could make course material so interesting…”
“… in awe of the positive and progressive energy that you bring into the classroom.”
“In my career I’ve seen many presenters in many live seminars and can say that you are among very top few to show such devotion, passion, professionalism…”
“Of all the professors, instructors and presenters I’ve had in the past 20 years, none comes close to you as a teacher…” 
“I was moved by the commitment and the overall passion you put into teaching and leading by example.”
“Not only did I learn a lot, but I also changed some attitudes. I wanted to learn how to pass a test and get a credential, but what I received was way more….  I now feel that part of my mission as a design professional has been restored…”
Full comments:

 “Truly I never provide any comments or feedback on training classes. But I have to say it was a great pleasure to attend your class. The real world stories scattered into the material provided a reality check to why I was actually at the class in the first place. While the subject matter was compelling, it was very clear you are passionate about the subject and that passion kept my attention and engagement throughout the two day class. I felt you delivered the material perfectly and I have not stopped talking about the class since I left to just about anyone that will give me an ear on the subject. Includes colleagues at work, as well as family and friends. I am very excited about the upcoming LEEP AP class I have scheduled with Everblue in December. Thanks for the great class!”
– Anthony Campbell, PMP – VERSAR Engineering & Construction  – Springfield, VA (pic)

I really enjoyed your presentation on Friday. I just recently completed a Certificate in Sustainability Leadership at Emory University.  In all my studies there, never did we have an instructor who so successfully tackled the big picture of sustainability, all while being so engaging.  You truly are very good at what you do!
– Mary Margaret Murphy, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainability Associate, CxGBS Commissioning and Green Building Solutions – Atlanta, GA

 “Greg Hamra did a fantastic job. As someone who is required to take 80 hours of training a year, I have been through many different classes and experienced many different teaching styles and various levels of enthusiasm. Greg Hamra was far and away the best instructor I had since graduating from my Masters program in May 2012. I hope we cross paths again in the future.”
– Adrian MaciasPresidential Management Fellow, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC (pic)

“Thanks for a great experience. I thought this was one on the best training sessions I have attended. What I like most was a combination of the way you presented the material combined with your own personal experiences and the feedback and comments/ thoughts/ questions of the people in the class. I liked the interaction of the class. I enjoyed speaking with and appreciate the comments from everyone who attended the class. You confirmed many of the impacts related to sewer and water issues.”
— Barry Lucas, PE, MBA | Program Manager, Planning Branch | Dept. of Engineering & Technical Services | District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (pic)

Great class. I learned a lot and you have really opened up my eyes to what is going on that the media is really not reporting on. You have definitely turned me into a soldier for this cause! Looking forward to expanding my awareness and knowledge in these areas.”
– Canovas, Boni J. (Aviation), Miami International Airport – Facilities Superintendent, Facilities Management (pic) – attended three-day County Sustainability Bootcamp for Miami-Dade County.

 “Thanks to you. The delivery of the content for the test preparation was superb. However, the awareness you created in some of us regarding the disconnect between our current habits and the impact to our world and environment, created a more profound and lasting impact. Your real life personal stories shared with us will certainly modify some behaviors for good.”
– Francisco Velasco, HVAC Specialist, DETEC, – Tijuana, Mexico (pic)

 “In twenty plus years of Airline O&M experience and in my second career of Facilities Maintenance and Operations, I have met two people that I truly believe are passionate about what they do. One works for the DSS (Defense Security Services) and the other works for Everblue. I was moved by the commitment and the overall passion you put into teaching and leading by example. Everblue is fortunate and I am sure very proud to have you on the front lines for them.”
– James Sprinkle, Sr. Manager Facilities Operations – University of Miami (pic)

Thanks for the course, I personally think it was one of best run two-day courses I’ve attended.  Perfect pace, and I was surprised how quickly the 8 hours each day went.”  … Wrote my exam yesterday, got 188.  Thanks for your help and stories….you were the voice in my head..“the intent is…”  Thanks again.
– Andreas Gruber – Regional Sales Manager, Somfy
British Columbia, Canada (pic)

“I’m happy to report that I passed the LEED-NC exam today with a 200!! I want to thank you for all the help. You are a great teacher and I got a lot out of your class. You are very engaging, held my interest, and had many memory techniques that I used during the test (WIMSEE, 2 pees and 1 poop, GS 11 = paint brush strokes, etc.). I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks.”
– Charlie O’Hanlon, PE, LEED AP – Deputy Director, Office of the Architect of the Capitol – Washington, DC (pic)

Hello Greg,
I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed my two day training session with you and such a great group of diverse, industry classmates. Over my 20+ years of being in the Facilities Management Biz and taking a fair number of training courses/seminars during that time, I can honestly say that your method of training was outstanding. You kept everyone engaged, informed, and most important “awake.”  You did a great job in providing a lot of information in a short period of time.  I also want to thank our host, Tim, at Humanscale, for allowing us to use your wonderful venue, not to mention the tasty breakfast treats and of course lunch.  I just love your products especially your seating. I’m having withdrawal symptoms now that I’m back using my existing chair.  It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope we will bump into one another somewhere soon.
– Claudio Pevide – Leasing Coordinator at Ministry of the Attorney General
Toronto, Canada

“Greg:  After two days of intense instruction from and interaction with you at the LEED Green Associate class on Monday and Tuesday, I attended a seminar Wednesday presented by insurance representatives and lawyers. I do not wish to disparage anyone’s profession or seminar presentation methods, but as I look back on the last three days, I remember the third day trying to keep my eyes open and my head from bobbing, and could hardly tell you a thing that I learned. But the two days before that, I was alert and engaged, excited about being there, and learned so much that I could not stop talking about it. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also changed some attitudes. I wanted to learn how to pass a test and get a credential, but what I received was way more. I now feel that part of my mission as a design professional has been restored, the part that makes me care more about my client, the Owner, my community, humankind, my planet, and my profession. I feel that I was lucky to get an instructor with such a personal wealth of experiences and knowledge, willing to share. Just want to say thank you for the experience.”
– Lane A. Stumler, Architect  – MICHELL TIMPERMAN RITZ ARCHITECTS –  New Albany, IN (pic)

 “Hi Greg, Thank you so very much for a great class. You have amazing energy and maintain your sense of humor in spite of the monumentally dry material. You brought the subject matter to life and made it palatable and even fun.”
– Laurinda Spear, Founding Principal, Arquitectonica – Miami, FL (pic)

“Greg, thanks for doing such a great job teaching the LEED GA course. Your ability to turn an inordinate amount of material into two days of interesting, digestible information helped me score 195 on my exam. Of all the professors, instructors and presenters I’ve had in the past 20 years, none comes close to you as a teacher. Your passion and ability to keep the class engaged made the class very enjoyable. Two days went by too fast” 
– David Blakeley- Vocational High School Carpentry Instructor, Taunton, MA  (pic)

 “In my career I’ve seen many presenters in many live seminars and can say that you are among very top few to show such devotion, passion, professionalism and social skills displayed during our training. Usually I do have suggestions and remarks for improvement, but in your case have none. Just keep your commitment and ‘young boy revelation’ attitude.”
Dusan Mrdalj, Mechanical Engineer – BDSP, Abu Dhabi, UAE  (pic)

“I would like to avail this opportunity to let you know that in my career, which includes many years of experience and education, completing Architecture (5 years) and also Masters in Town Planning (2 years) completed from one of the best institutes of Asia, I have never met somebody who could make course material so interesting. As a technical person myself, I understood the subject partially, but your effort, illustrations that you have compiled, and extra effort that you made by clicking photographs of the LEED certified buildings in HK during nights after conducting classes really impressed me and showed me how much dedication you have for this purpose. Though my sole objective in taking this course was to gain knowledge and not get any certificate, I now feel inspired to take the LEED exams.”
Harpreet Singh Khurmi, Managing Director – Khurmi Associates Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi  (pic)

“Dear Greg, First, I would like to thank Everblue for choosing Hong Kong, amongst all other cities in Asia, to conduct LEED training. I’m so blessed as compared to my two other classmates who had to fly in to attend this course. Next, the way you had conducted the course during the last four days was awesome. The energy level was high, you were always on the alert to steer wandering students back on course. You were always on your toes, and that nudged me on to do likewise. Thank you for sharing the photos as they are really a refreshing treat after ploughing through the notes. I would say you have walked your talk through the way you have conducted your lessons – the photos shared, and your anecdotes of how you live your daily life – these have reiterated the need to live green. Through these, you have scored many exemplary points.”
Luke M. O. Wang, Project Manager & Planner – Yau Lee Construction – Hong Kong  (pic)

“Hi Greg,
Having been forced into the training with no prior warning or explanation of our company’s ambition to attain an EBOM certification I was expecting the worst with a mindset to be obstinate; However your enthusiasm and comprehensive delivery of the material is inspiring and very quickly I found myself fully engaged and well prepared to tackle the Green Associate exam ahead. Regardless of the path our company takes I think it has been of great benefit that has reinforced the direction I would like to take our E-Group.”
– Nathan French – Construction Specialties, Aylesbury, England (pic)

 “Let me say how much of a pleasure it was watching you work your classroom mojo. As an adult educator I appreciate the problem of trying to work the room in order for everyone to get as much as possible out of the course content.  Your examples were excellent, giving a depth to the instruction that kept the message fresh and cogent.
The idea of the scoping of personal responsibility for our consumerism is a subject that should be near and dear to all of our hearts.  You challenge me with your obvious commitment to walk the talk – thanks for that. I would point out that you were most helpful in sharpening my razor.  I appreciate the challenge, and regret only that we did not have time to have a beer together and discuss more topics of the same ilk in depth.
I am in awe of the positive and progressive energy that you bring into the classroom, your passion and preparedness is evident and well focused.  I look forward to corresponding with you..”
–  Steve Walker, Facilities Manager, Scroll Compressors, LLC (Emerson) and adjunct instructor of Environmental Ethics, Geology and Physics, Drury University
(LEED AP O+M student at Rutgers University)   (pic)

“It was very nice having you as our teacher. Learning and laughing at the same time. I want more courses with you.”
– Ianina Garcia, Arquitecta  – SEICA  – Tijuana, Mexico  (pic)

 “Greg: I thought your presentation was fabulous.  You are extremely knowledgable about this topic.  Your style, while somewhat unusual and idiosyncratic, totally worked for me. You kept it interesting for me all day long. I liked your sense of humor, loved the passion, and have no idea how you had any voice or energy left at the end of the day.”
– Chris Whitney, Partner – Little, Medeiros, Kinder, Bulman & Whitney  (pic)

 “Thank you for a great presentation and exam prep. It is one of the only seminars during which I haven’t dozed off at some point during the day. Both the quality of your presentation of the material and your ability to make it comprehensible was fabulous, especially to those of us not in the construction, architecture, or engineering fields .”
 – Lara Schenkman, Attorney at Law – Miami, FL  (pic)

“Great course. The presentation was fantastic. It was obvious you are a professional educator. You were able to keep the material interesting to everyone, and to keep such a large group on track was an amazing feat in itself. Further, your passion for the subject is very inspiring.”
– Gary Grass, LEED AP, Ivy Development Corp. – Davie, FL  (pic)

“I wish to thank Greg and Everblue for the quality study materials and the superb instruction. Study guides were extremely easy to follow; best part is the boiled down spreadsheet for quick reference, and the way Greg presents the material is seamless (proof is in the 197 score I achieved). His pointed statements need to be put into a book; you WILL need to recall them for your test. Greg’s attitude towards GREEN initiatives is what we all need to strive for in our future projects. Again, Kudos on a great class and a superb instructor.”

– Eric M Fisher, LEED® GA – Wood Partners, Charlotte, NC (webinar student)

“Greg, your class was too cool. As I’m studying for the test I can picture exactly what you said and how you said it about each prerequisite and credit which really helps it stick. I enjoyed the way you presented the material with inserts of personal stories to really make the class fun and memorable. The seemingly long class hours passed quickly and left me wanting to learn more about LEED. Your quick response to my e-mailed questions about study material was very helpful as well. Great job, Greg!”
– Joel Wallace – Construction Manager – Somerdale, NJ (pic)

 “I would like to thank you again for the excellent job you did with the BD+C seminar. I’m always satisfied with Everblue’s courses and augmented with your teaching skills I can’t believe there would be anything better.”
– George Opack, AIA, LEED AP+ BD+C, Los Angeles, CA (webinar student)

“Thanks again for a terrific training class. It was one of the best I’ve ever attended!!!!!!! Your insight and anecdotal story approach to the material was interesting and informative.”
– Jim A. McClellan, PE, QCxP, Commissioning Agent – Jacksonville, FL (pic)

“Greg, your course was invaluable. Regardless of study guides, etc., I am convinced that without attending your two day class, I would not have been able to succeed this morning, and, for that, I thank you very much. You certainly are a master of “edutainment.”
– Tom Dowling, CSI, JCJ Architecture – Hartford, CT (pic)

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the good attitude and disposition you offered us pupils during the LEED course. Laurinda referred to the material as “monumentally dry” and it only took one day for me to understand where she was coming from. You are a great instructor and you have a great capacity to transfer the information properly, however your forte is in clearly seeing and predicting when your class is about to go blank and preemptively strategizing to avoid us from falling into blankness, by pulling your tricks to wake us up and keep us engaged. This is what it takes to teach this monumentally dry material, and you’ve got it!”
– Walid Wahab, Architect, Wahab Construction Co.– Miami, FL (pic)

“Thank you for the wonderful LEED GA Webinar Course (Oct 1st – Oct 22nd). I enjoyed every moment of it. I really liked how you made the subject matter relevant to real life, not just state facts. This has helped me internalize the material quicker. I have been re-listening to your lectures and making notes for studying. I specially enjoyed hearing you speak Kannada. We were in Bangalore end of Aug. We stayed there for few days before going to Delhi for a 11 day tour in the Himalayas. If you are coming to CA anytime I would like to meet you. Regards,

– Kamini Vajapey, Electrical Engineer – San Jose, CA 

“I have taken a few webinar classes online and yours was by far the smoothest. For being your first time, I give you an A+. I appreciate all of the resources that you have provided. By the way, I put up a nice Tweet for Everblue on Twitter. I am EKARCHITECT on Twitter and am following EVERBLUEENERGY. My good friend also just finished a course of yours last week in Chicago, he really thought it was great.”
Elaine M. Keiser, Architect – Petoski, MI 

“Thanks, Everblue! Just wanted to let you and Greg Hamra know that I think Greg is an excellent teacher and presenter. He has such a great voice for a webinar, and his personality puts everyone at ease. It takes the right kind of person to encourage people to post comments when they are in a remote location. He is very knowledgeable too!”

– Helen Gordon – Urban Planner, Atlanta, GA 

“I enjoyed ‘the LEED learning slapdown’ (our two days together) immensely. Your grasp of the length and breadth of the material was obvious and impressive – it is my last life straw as I head into the examination phase of the process. You are the brightest and most entertaining orator I’ve ever seen, so I knew I could say something like that and not have it misconstrued as criticism for your course! Hey, thanks again. The pressure here to pass first time is immense; I go next Thursday morning.”
– Kevin W. Lipe, AIA Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC – Hartford, CT (pic)

“I want to let you know that I have passed the LEED AP exam today scoring 181. I must say that without attending your class and without having your preparation materials, I could not have done this. I had attended other classes (PPI) and tried 3 times before attending your class but couldn’t succeed. Your study material is superb! I will recommend your class to anyone who is seeking LEED Accreditation.”
– Praveen Kumar, Systems Specialist, Hamilton Sundstrand – Windsor Locks, CT (pic)

“Hi Greg – I passed the LEED AP exam this morning; with a score of 195. I would like to thank you for all of your help and all the great study material that Everblue issues for preparation of the test. Thanks again.”
– Brett Mykrantz – General Manager, S.D. Deacon Corp. of California (pic)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class this past Monday and Tuesday. Your memorization tips are very helpful and I feel confident that I will be able to absorb the material now. You kept the class engaged. I was never bored with your stories, humor and the photos. You also helped me visualize the concepts with all of the graphics and the way you vividly described the requirements. That is important for someone like me who is a visual and hands on learner. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and letting us know what we can expect on this exam. Your course is excellent! I wouldn’t change a thing. I will be passing my LEED AP exam on June 25th. I will send a follow-up email to let you know how I did.”
– Teresa Comesana-Alfau, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (pic)

“First let me extend my thanks for your time, professionalism, and quality of instruction. You are truly my compass in navigating the seas of LEED. Before your class I was overwhelmed and discouraged. You have relit my candle of motivation and confidence! Your slides and pictures of your real world experiences have really driven home what we are all trying to do here and why we are trying to change the future through a more sustainable design approach. I have had the opportunity to take part in other classes such as the USGBC LEED Technical Review Seminar but this has been the most informative by far. Everblue does a great job with how the class is structured as well as the materials furnished for study. My hat is off to you sir; you and Everblue are truly making an impact on our society and environment through education, one individual and one class at a time! I hope to take what you have taught me and start doing my part in the big picture. Thank you, Greg, and thank you Everblue!”
– Curtis Segura, Project Engineer, W. F. Hayward Co. – Sacramento, CA (pic)

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable and enlightening class. Your mixed-media approach to learning combined with wit and real life experiences made the class very effective. I’m back at work now and I’m actually missing being in class. I will pass the test and I will go on to LEED AP training – hopefully under you!”

– John Hoffman, Energy Consultant, California Green Designs – Tarzana, CA 


“After taking the test today and passing it with a score of 185, I wanted to personally thank you for the guidance and inspiration you provided through your course. It is not common to relate to a teacher who believes in what he teaches not only by applying the principles of his subject to his own life as well as you do, but also to a teacher who inspires and follows through with his students. For all of that I thank you and look forward to meeting you again when LEED 3 comes out swinging hard. It was a tough test but I was prepared for it, thanks to you.”

– Anthony Tzamtzis, Architect and Former Professor, School of Architecture, University of Miami and Miami-Dade Community College. (Author: “Passive Design Principles for Hot and Humid Climates”) (pic)

“Just a note of thanks for an excellent training session. I passed my LEED NC exam Wednesday morning. I know I wouldn’t have achieved a passing grade in such a short time without the information provided by you in class. I appreciate your technique, especially how you kept us focused on the subject matter when class participation would begin to steer us off course.”
– Robert Janas, Senior Plumbing Inspector, City of Miami Beach Building Department. (pic)


“I am writing to share my feedback on your instructor, Greg Hamra, who I had the pleasure of taking a LEED class with last week. He took what could have been really dry material and brought the class to life. His lessons went above and beyond the syllabus and left us with knowledge that extends beyond the credits and points of LEED. I am confident that having been taught by him, I will not only pass the LEED exam (after some long hours of studying, of course), but that graduates of his course are well on their way to really embracing the movement towards building a sustainable economy. I will be sure to tell any of my colleagues that are interested in obtaining LEED AP that they have to take the class with Greg at Everblue, because you guys have the best materials and instructors.”

– Jonathan Friedman, Green Revolution – Miami, FL (pic)


“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class in Tampa. Not only did I learn a ton about LEED, but also about what it takes be a great speaker and presenter. I have trouble getting up in front of people and talking, but you were a great example of how to do it right. You bring such great energy to the presentation, and you just bring such a positive presence to the room when you speak. You are not only well versed on the subject of LEED and what it takes to be GREEN, but on many other worldly subjects as well. Good luck to you as you travel, and I hope you have an amazing time in Dubai! I will keep you posted on how the test goes.”

– Kristy Flint, General Contractor – Ft. Myers, FL (pic)


“Greg did a terrific job of helping me pass the LEED AP test in record time (one week from course to exam). He knows LEED totally, organizes the material professionally and still manages to present a lot of information entertainingly. Do follow Greg’s outlines and study tips, they are lifesavers. Do not underestimate the LEED examiners’ ability to trick you. I have taken and passed the law bar exam in two states and never encountered such carefully crafted test questions to measure if you really know and are sure of the material. Do not underestimate the LEED examiners’ ability to trick you.”
Robert A. Firger, Esq., Attorney at Law, LEED AP – Hartford, CT

“I am a small firm principal architect in Sarasota, Florida and I scored 199 out of 200 on the LEED NC2.2 exam after attending super-instructor Greg Hamra’s exam preparation seminar. Mr. Hamra very deftly provided a clear lens view of the unfocused vagaries presented by the LEED NC 2.2 reference manual with a very informative and stimulating delivery. I certainly could not have achieved this level of success on the exam without the knowledge gleaned from Mr. Hamra’s Everblue Training seminar.”

David Michael Davenport AIA, NCARB, LEED AP – Sarasota, FL (pic)

“Greg, Thanks for a class that was not only interesting and informative but, very entertaining. You have a gift for teaching and your love of it is very obvious. Much continued success to you in the future.”
– Bert Carvajal, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (pic)

“Thank you for an enjoyable training session. Your training and handouts were excellent. I would have been one of those engineers who said I can pass this without going to class or studying – but I would have been wrong!”
– Hank Siegrist, Environmental Engineer, P.E., CHP (pic)

“I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time last week and providing me with the tools to prepare for the LEED Exam. You demonstrated excellent technical competence, instructional and interpersonal skills to present the material to the class. Your technical skills included theoretical and practical work experience and knowledge of the subject. In addition, you possess the ability to organize and present information that I feel will be crucial to my success as a LEED AP. Other skills included the ability to listen to questions and phrase questions that stimulate learning. Thank you very much. I will let you know my test score as soon as I take my exam.”
– Fernando Meza, Electrical Engineer, PM – Seminole Tribe of Florida (pic)

“Your class was excellent. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and good sense of humor are qualities not easy to find together.”
– Leonel Medrano, Chief Building Inspector, Miami-Beach Building Dept. (pic)

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all the energy and enthusiasm you put into the class. Your energy made reviewing the material much more memorable and interesting. The LEED process is filled with memorization and nuanced bits of knowledge, and you helped us sort through all the challenges and offer some sense and guidance.” 
– Tom Weber, Human Element Design (pic)

“I can’t speak highly enough about the course and your teaching methods. The subject could be very dry and when reading the material it is extremely monotonous; like stereo instructions. You made the class interesting and gave examples and information that help trigger the answers and information.”
– Dominique Washock 

“I took the exam and passed! Much of the credit should go to your two-day class (your pointers were right on target) and I’m very glad I attended it. In my professional life I have attended a large number of classes and seminars and yours is one of the best in terms of the valuable information it provides. Thank you very much for your help.”
– Luis R. Perez, P.E. Chief Structural Plans Examiner – City of Miami Beach Building Department  ()

“Do not take this exam before you take this class! Without the Everblue materials that boiled down an enormous amount of information into something more digestible, I wouldn’t have been able to focus my study efforts so precisely. I have no background in architecture, engineering or construction so at first glance it seemed impossible to become a LEED AP — but with Greg’s simple-to-understand examples, I was able to grasp the material and pass the exam after just two weeks of serious studying! Thanks Greg!” 
– Leisha John, CPA, LEED AP, Director, Environmental Sustainability at EY (pic)

“Greg, your course was invaluable. Regardless of study guides, etc., I am convinced that without attending the two day class, I would not have been able to succeed this morning, and, for that, I thank you very much. You certainly are a master of “edutainment.”
– Tom Dowling, CSI, JCJ Architecture – Hartford, CT  (pic)

“Your class was very stimulating and interesting. You are an excellent instructor. I enjoyed your teaching style …. taking us away for a moment to another interesting place or experience and bringing us sharply back to the LEED training. You helped me feel right about my recycling efforts at home and made me think twice about throwing away perfectly good things with your computer salvage story. I will send you an e-mail after I take the test and let you know how it went. Thanks!” 
– Tom Eichar, General Contractor – Sarasota, FL (pic)

“Thank you for the very good instruction on the LEED test. It must have been good because I passed yesterday with a 189! I did not have to review anything other than the items you handed out in class. Also you were right that 3 weeks is a good timeframe after the class for taking the test. I found the Powerpoint slides useful to review over and over and over. This helped to gel the connection between the credits. I did a brain dump but I ended up not using it because the recall of the slides was so easy because of the way they were presented.”
– Kristy Long, RA, Architect of the Capitol – Washington, DC (pic)

“I went to the UF TREEO Center classes in Gainesville and they had nothing on your fervor and knowledge. They only spend 1 day zipping over everything and then practice quizzes and questions the 2nd day. Thank God I chose your class! (and they had foam cups, plastic water bottles and a crappy lunch, both days!)”
– John Perez, Growth Mgt. & Environmental Studies, Rollins College (pic)

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  1. Thanks to Greg for the

    Thanks to Greg for the excellent & ‘To the point” Tutorials & Study materials for the LEED GA.

  2. I would like to thank Greg

    I would like to thank Greg for his excellent tutoring skills with regards to LEED green associates program. All the classes were very interesting; thanks to some of the personal anecdotes you shared and the energy you showed. We could ask some of the simplest or stupid questions and he took the time to explain in detail. There was good interaction between the students and instructor despite the fact that it was a webinar. Some of the additional tips given by Greg were very helpful. The books and materials supplied also helped but the classes were more important without which the material would not have accomplished the task.
    Greg Thanks a lot. I will come back to take classes for my LEED AP BD+C.

    i passed my LEED GA easily

  3. David, Congrats on passing

    David, Congrats on passing the exam and thanks for the great feedback.

    The Everblue Team

  4. Thanks for a great job

    Thanks for a great job teaching the LEED GA Course in Boston in December.

    Your ability to take an inordinate amount of dry material and turn it into two days of interesting and digestible information helped me pass the LEED GA exam.

    As a general contractor for twenty years and now as a vocational teacher I have attended numerous courses and seminars. I haven’t had a professor, instructor or presenter who is your equal when it comes to presentation style, ability to keep students engaged, and knack for switching gears when things slow down.

    Two days have never gone by so fast. Again thanks to you Greg and the Everblue practice exams. Without your help I wouldn’t have scored a 195 on the LEED GA exam.

    David Blakeley, High School Carpentry Instrutor, Taunton, MA

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