Come. Get Engaged!

A live LEED class with Greg is really a two-day edutainment experience.
It’s also the most effective LEED training you’ll ever experience.

Why attend an Everblue class taught by Greg Hamra?

Too many classes are taught by subject matter experts. Period. Boring.

Besides ensuring that you still have a pulse throughout the two-day session, Greg’s unique brand of edutainment ensures that you have fun while you learn what’s necessary to successfully earn your LEED credentialing. Greg’s classes are fun, but they get the job done: Greg’s students consistently earn record-high scores on their LEED exams. (A few records include: 200 and 199 (LEED AP); and 198, 197, 195 for LEED Green Associate).

Greg is a training specialist fueled by a desire to do good by the Earth and a passion for sharing this knowledge. With nearly 25 years of classroom teaching experience, instructional design, speech communications, and broadcasting, a passion for teaching and a stronger passion for the environment, Greg is uniquely qualified to teach you how to pass your LEED exam.

Prepare for much more.

While exam prep is the primary goal of class, Greg’s mission is to make you think… not just about how we build, but also about how we live. He uses high-impact training techniques to teach low-impact living. Greg suggests ways to improve our quality of life while saving money, by increasing your awareness so that you can make more informed decisions. He also suggests ways to live with a smaller footprint upon our shared Earth. Greg wants to shake you up; to provoke thought, evoke emotion, promote discussion, and to encourage thoughful debate. All of this helps to simultaneouly put LEED into a greater context and sharper focus, connecting you on a personal level to its main tenets. Greg’s true desire is to inspire you to action, beyond your LEED exam.

Is it worth the price?

Good question. The result of all this activity is a more vivid learning experience; a more focused understanding of the topic you came to learn. By making your class more exciting and meaningful, you will realize a much greater return on investment for your training dollar. You might find cheaper prices but you will not find a better LEED Green Associate training class… anywhere.
So come, get engaged, and prepare to have fun while learning how to pass your LEED exam on the first try.
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