Who becomes a LEED professional and why?

USGBC Chairman Rick Fedrizzi explains in this brief message.

Who does Everblue LEED training benefit?

  • The job seeker who joins the green-collar economy by adding new credentials to their resume.
  • The architect, engineer, or general contractor who differentiates themselves and their business from others in the marketplace.
  • The building owner who now knows what it takes to build a green building.
  • The entrepreneur who now understands the big picture and can pursue a niche product or service.
  • The government official who can now make informed policy decisions to encourage green building.
  • The realtor/broker that can sell the benefits of green buildings to customers.
  • The product rep who can credibly sell the green benefits of their product or service.
  • The facilities manager who must make wise decisions related to the operations & maintenance of his buildings.

Audio-slideshow re: LEED v3 rating systems and credentialing process.

What does “LEED experience” mean?

CMP Explained by GBCI

LEED Schools Slide Show

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