PV201 Solar PV Installer

If you plan on working in the solar industry in an installation role, you need this training!

This course will teach you how to install solar panels and the balance of components, including inverters, charge controllers, and battery banks for grid-tied and off-grid systems.

  40 HOURS
IREC-accredited solar installation training

Learn How to Install Solar Panels

Once you've gained a solid understanding of solar energy principles, you'll be ready for this solar panel installation course that takes a deeper dive into system components and installation technique. We'll teach you how to actually install a solar PV system - i.e., the nuts and bolts of attaching the solar modules to the roof, wiring, installing electrical components, and evaluating the performance of the finished product.

Improve Your Knowledge

Build on your solar fundamentals knowledge by learning how to install solar panels – i.e., attaching the solar modules to the roof, wiring, installing electrical components, and evaluating the performance of the finished product.

Expand Your Business Offerings

With this training, you'll learn to appreciate safety on the job site, which will become especially important as you move into offering solar installation services.

Gain Credibility

Make educated decisions on solar PV system sizing based on voltage calculations and electrical outputs and learn how to work on grid-tied and off-grid solar systems using inverters and AC/DC circuits.

"Thank you for all the help your staff has given this US Navy sailor in finding a new job line. It has increased my knowledge for solar. Thank you!"

- Steven Rhodes Sr.


How to Get Started

Have you ever turned to Google or YouTube for a quick tutorial on how to complete a task? Online solar installation training works the same way - only our information comes from experienced and credible solar installation professionals, so you KNOW you can TRUST what you're viewing.
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1. Take Our Course

Our self-paced online program consists of several short video presentations. Simply follow along on your computer.
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2. Work Through the Practice Questions

To help reinforce course concepts, we've included online practice questions that will ensure that you understand the material.
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3. Pass the Post-Course Assessment

In order to receive the certificate of completion from Everblue, you will need to pass the post-course assessment at the end of the training.

Get 6 Months Access

This class features 15 sections, with each section taking 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The self-paced nature of this program enables individuals to log in at their convenience, on their schedule, and from anywhere in the world to participate.
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What You'll Learn

  • Tools of the Trade (including Inverters & Batteries)
  • PV System Components
  • PV System Sizing
  • Service Panels
  • PV System Design
  • Grid-Tied & Off-Grid Installation Technique
  • Grounding, Wiring & Mounting
  • Labeling
  • Safety
  • Commissioning & Troubleshooting

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PV201 Solar Installation Training



Program Highlights
Start Now & Access Self-Guided Content
Log In & Participate Any Time 24/7
Watch from a PC, Mac, or Mobile Device
40 Hours of Online Solar Installation Training
Includes Downloadable Printed Resources
Includes Online Practice Questions
Access to Course Materials for 6 Months
Everblue Certificate of Completion

"This a true learning experience. The information was presented and reviewed in a way that all participants gained the knowledge."

- Joe Nangle


Quick Answers to Your Solar Install Course Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

We recommend that students start with our PV101 Solar PV Associate course because that’s where you’ll learn the basics of solar energy, electricity, and safety. It’s in your best interest to learn these fundamentals before you start putting your hands on wires, circuits, and panels.

Who is this class intended for?

This course is ideal for builders, roofers, electricians, construction workers, contractors, foremen, site managers, project managers, system engineers, and anyone interested in acquiring solar installation skills.

Is this training applicable to international candidates?

Yes, because this class is available in an online (self-paced) format, it is accessible from anywhere with a secure Internet connection.

Will I gain a certification after I complete this class?

You will receive a certificate of completion from Everblue, which shouldn't be confused for the internationally-recognized NABCEP Certification. Our certificate highlights that you've participated in an accredited solar installation training course, whereas NABCEP Certification is an industry-supported credential. Our solar courses meet the NABCEP education requirements, so if you're interested in earning a solar certification, please see our NABCEP PV Installation Professional package.

What if I want live, hands-on training?

Check out our PV201B Solar Installer Live Training, which is an add-on to this course. Learn the solar panel installation process during the online training, and then practice with proper form and technique during the add-on session.

This option is great for groups! We can bring the tools and equipment to your business and teach your team on-site! Contact us now and request a quote for hands-on solar installation training.