RESNET Combustion Safety Simulation Exam

This product includes the ResCaz exam and early access to the ResCaz simulation program so you can practice on this unique software platform.

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HERS Rater Candidates - The fee for this exam is included in Everblue's HERS Rater Training package.

RESNET HERS Rater training

Taking the RESNET Exam

The cost of the RESNET CAZ simulation exam is included in our RESNET HERS Rater training package, however you may have to pay an additional fee by the proctoring organization that you choose.
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1. Practice in the Simulator

Our online program consists of several short video presentations and practice simulations. Simply follow along on your computer.
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2. Find a Proctor

Arrange a testing session at a local library or community college that offers test-proctoring services.
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3. Schedule Your Exams

After you've set up a test date with a proctor, please email the proctor's contact information and your appointment details to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can I have during the exam?

You will be allowed to have the HERS training manual, HERS standard, calculator, and scratch paper during the exam.

Who do I contact if I have issues with the exam software or login information?

You will need to contact RESNET directly by emailing [email protected].

What happens if I fail the exam?

You will need to take the exam again. Thankfully, you are allowed 5 attempts under the original registration fee. After 5 attempts, there will be a retest exam fee is $300 per attempt. Please call (800) 460-2575 to begin the retesting process.

Will I need to download any software for the exam?

Yes, the proctoring organization that you choose must be willing to either download any software involved with the exams or allow you to bring your own computer (with the downloaded software) to attempt the exams.