LEED Green Associate
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New to LEED? This is the first step for everyone!

Gain insight into 100+ green building practices and tips for how to be successful on the LEED Green Associate v4 exam (sold separately).

Highlight your understanding of green design, construction, and operations as a LEED Green Associate!

  16 HOURS

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

Benefits of LEED Training

The LEED Green Associate credential is for professionals who want to demonstrate green building expertise in non-technical fields of practice and denotes basic knowledge of green design, construction, and operations.

Start a New Career

Add green building and sustainability to your skill set quickly, with a non-degree certificate.

Highlight Your Knowledge

Enhance your resume, with the reputation of an internationally-recognized credential.

Grow Your Business

Gain new clients, with the increased knowledge and credibility that comes with LEED accreditation.

How to Earn the LEED Green Associate Accreditation

You can become a LEED Green Associate in just 30 days by following these steps!
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1. Take Our Course

Follow along with our self-paced online program, live webinar series, OR join a live class near you!
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2. Register for the LEED Exam

Purchase your LEED Green Associate exam from the USGBC for $250.
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3. Schedule Exam Appointment

Locate your nearest Prometric testing center and choose the date/time of your 2-hour exam.

LEED GA Course Syllabus

Get started today with Everblue's LEED Green Associate Exam Prep - the course that made us famous. This is our most popular and successful program and the #1 course recommended by the USGBC!
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What You'll Learn

  • What is LEED? Terms & Phrases
  • The LEED Credentialing Process
  • LEED Green Associate vs. LEED AP
  • LEED Green Associate Exam Format
  • How to Register for the LEED Exam
  • LEED Credit Category Requirements
  • Strategies for Passing the LEED Exam

LEED Course Materials

Our LEED GA Exam Prep packages provide all the materials & study aids you need to pass your LEED exam with confidence.

All materials are accessible through your secure online learning portal, unless otherwise noted.

Everything You Need to Succeed

  • 250 LEED GA Practice Questions
  • 3 LEED GA Practice Tests
  • Study Pacing Guide
  • Everblue Pass Guarantee


If you register for our in-person course, you will receive printed materials on the first day of class.

If you sign up for an online class and want printed materials, you may buy printed materials separately, as an add-on.

Everblue LEED course guide

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339 East Chicago Avenue
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Quick Answers to Your LEED GA Questions

Do I have to be a LEED Green Associate before I can become a LEED AP?

Yes. You are required to take and pass the LEED Green Associate exam before you can fully pursue becoming a LEED AP. You'll have the choice of either taking the LEED Green Associate exam on its own or taking what the USGBC calls a "combined" or "full" exam, which would allow you to take the LEED Green Associate and the LEED AP exams during the same 4-hour testing window.

Who is this class intended for?

Anyone interested in sustainability and green building. Seriously, LEED offers the best overview of sustainability available. The LEED credit system makes each concept simple and understandable.

While many of our customers are architects, engineers, construction managers, facility managers, interior designers, product manufacturers, real estate attorneys, we also have high school students, career changers, retirees, elected officials, business owners, and more.

Literally, anyone can take this course.

Does this class count for LEED CMP credit?

No, the USGBC will not accept LEED Exam Prep training for LEED CMP credit. If you are looking for LEED continuing education, please view our LEED CMP training package.

How long does it take to get LEED certified (accredited)?

We’ve seen someone do it in as little as 10 days (very aggressive), though most people follow our recommendation of 30 days.

The time it takes depends on your work/life schedule, time commitment, learning style, and familiarity with the subject matter. We recommend planning 4-6 weeks from start to finish - just get it done!

Why should I take an Everblue course?

We guarantee your success. We specialize in making mission-driven learning fun, engaging, and inspiring. Our goal isn’t just for you to pass your exam but to have you become a raving fan of Everblue and to have you go forth implementing LEED green building principles in the real world.

Other reasons:

This might just be the best professional training experience you’ve ever had.

This is the most up-to-date curriculum available, period.