Leadership Development Certificate

Demonstrate proficiency in management and leadership skills.

Upon completion of our Personal Leadership Training program, candidates will have the opportunity to earn one of three leadership development certificates.

This professional certificate represents an organization's belief in the potential of its employees. With the investment in employee professional development, organizations are helping their teams prepare for future leadership roles directly related to the company's growth.

  120 HOURS
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Employee Benefits

Increased marketability, decreased stress, improved focus, and improved morale.

Wage Gain

This training will directly benefit employees, as it will help them manage larger numbers of employees and earn more money by future promotions within the company.

Increased Knowledge

This management and leadership training will build the foundation for employees to handle conflict, give constructive feedback, develop employees, and more effectively manage teams.

Marketable Credential

This credential will increase an employee's marketability and help them pursue positions and promotions in the future.

"The overall ease of the program and instruction was great. Would highly recommend this to anyone."

- Sascha Rodorf


Classroom Training, Self-Study & Practical Exercises

At the end of our Personal Leadership workshop, candidates will participate in a scenario-based exam that showcases the communication and management skills they've acquired.
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1. Register

Our self-paced online program consists of several short video presentations. Simply follow along on your computer.
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2. Participate

As a BPI Test Center, we include the BPI IDL field certification exam with our training package.
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3. Innovate

Log into your BPI.org portal to get your scores for the field certification exam.

Personal Leadership Development Training Topics

This hands-on leadership and management training program provides live classroom, role play/practical exercise, and online self-study.
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What You'll Learn

  • Conflict Resolution
  • How to Give Constructive Feedback
  • Employee Development
  • How to Effectively Manage Teams
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"The instructor was absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend and take another one of his courses."

- Jason Mucciante


Quick Answers to Your Leadership Questions

Who is this class intended for?

Professionalism, communication, and self-awareness are core components of leadership that impact every person in a team, from the high-level strategy expert to the enterprising and scrappy entrepreneur.

Is this course available for corporate training?

Yes, we travel all over the world to offer this training in-house at companies.

Is there a certification associated with this training?

No, however you will receive an Everblue certificate of completion to show that you participated in an expert-led leadership development course. Additionally, you'll be able to immediately apply these skills to your job.

How is this course different from the Leadership Development Certificate?

This Personal Leadership Development Training is the first step to honing your leadership skills.

The Leadership Development Certificate builds on the entry-level knowledge presented in this course and provides you with additional training to earn a professional certificate in leadership.