EPA Certified Renovator Training

Elevate your expertise in renovation and lead safety.

Our EPA Certified Renovator Training is designed for professionals like you who are committed to excellence in renovation while prioritizing lead safety.

By completing the EPA Certified Renovator Training, you can enhance your understanding of lead safety practices, comply with EPA regulations, and contribute to creating healthier and safer environments for both workers and occupants.

  24 HOURS
EPA Certified Renovator Training

Benefits of EPA Certified Renovator Training

Dive into a well-structured curriculum covering essential topics such as lead-based paint hazards, regulations, and safe work practices.

Earn EPA Certification

Enhance your professional credentials with a certification recognized nationwide.

Promote Safety

Acquire the skills to implement lead-safe work practices, safeguarding both your team and the communities you serve.

Gain Confidence

Approach renovation projects with confidence, knowing you have the knowledge to excel in lead-safe practices.

How to Get Started

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1. Request This Training

Contact us to schedule this training with your state weatherization assistance program or community action agency.

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2. Participate in the Course

Depending on your group’s needs, we can deliver this training virtually with a live instructor or in person at your location.
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3. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Complete a brief assessment at the end of the course to highlight what you've learned, and earn a Certificate of Completion.

EPA Certified Renovator Training Syllabus

Lead Paint Hazards

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding Lead-Based Paint Hazards:
  • EPA Regulations and Compliance
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Identification and Assessment
  • Hands-On Risk Reduction Techniques
  • Proper Containment and Cleanup
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation
  • Communication and Client Education
  • Latest Industry Best Practices
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Quick Answers to Your Questions

Who is this class intended for?

The EPA Certified Renovator Training is specifically designed for professionals in the renovation industry who are involved in activities that may disturb painted surfaces in homes, schools, and child-occupied facilities built before 1978. This may include contractors, renovators, painters, maintenance workers, property managers, home improvement professionals, and construction workers.

Are there any prerequisites?

While there are no formal prerequisites required, the students who are most successful in this course do have a background in renovation, repair, and/or painting activities.

Is there an exam associated with this course?

Yes. Upon completion of this course, participants will be eligible to sit for the EPA Certified Renovator exam.

What is the format of the EPA Certified Renovator exam?

The EPA Certified Renovator exam consists of multiple-choice questions that assess participants' knowledge of lead-safe work practices, regulations, and other key concepts covered in the training. The exam is timed and must be proctored.

How do I begin the online training?

The first step is to contact us and request this training for your team. The EPA Certified Renovator training is reserved only for groups, which means there's greater flexibility for date and location scheduling.

Once we've scheduled your training, we will create unique student accounts for each participant. Students will log into Everblue's secure online learning portal to access the pre-course reading materials. We will send out a reminder email before the scheduled training session, so that students know when to log into the virtual meeting and participate in the online interactive course.