Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College Presents WAP Training in Partnership with Everblue

#1 IREC Accredited Training Provider for MN WAP Subgrantees

Since 2008, Everblue has trained more than 80,000 individuals worldwide on energy efficiency and weatherization topics.

We have deep experience working with state government agencies, community action agencies, and workforce boards to build and grow a high-quality energy efficiency workforce.


BPI IDL training

Weatherization Training Available to You

BPI Building Science Principles

Gain the knowledge you need to be successful as a home performance professional or energy auditor. During this introductory course, you'll learn how the systems in a home work together to affect energy use, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality.

To earn this certificate, you simply have to pass a 100-question multiple choice exam with a score of at least 70%.


BPI Building Analyst Technician

After you’ve passed the BPI Building Science Principles exam, learn to apply the concepts as a Building Analyst Technician. A Building Analyst Technician (BA-T) conducts residential building science-based diagnostic tests and home performance data collection. This includes combustion safety and carbon monoxide testing, blower door testing, and interior/exterior home inspection.

To earn this certification, you must take a 4-hour field exam with an approved BPI Test Center (which Everblue is). You must be proctored, either in person or through online video proctoring. There is no written exam for this credential. This credential has prerequisites.


BPI Building Analyst Professional

After you’ve passed the BPI Building Analyst Technician exam, upgrade your skills to become a Building Analyst Professional. A Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) uses energy modeling software to model the energy upgrade potential of a home and to develop a scope of work. BA-P professionals use the data collected from diagnostic tests to determine how a homeowner can improve the energy efficiency of their home, lower their energy bills, and create a healthier/safer space.

To earn this certification, you must pass a proctored written exam. There is no field exam for this credential. This credential has prerequisites.


HEP Energy Auditor

Offered by the Building Performance Institute and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Home Energy Professional (HEP) Energy Auditor Certification is one of the industry's highest credentials for home energy auditing.

To earn this certification, you must pass a multiple-choice written exam and a hands-on practical exam. This credential has prerequisites.


HEP Quality Control Inspector

A quality control inspector (QCI) is a residential energy efficiency professional who ensures the completion, appropriateness, and quality of energy upgrade work by conducting a methodological audit/inspection of the building, which includes performing safety and diagnostic tests and observing the work.

To earn this certification, you must pass a 50-question, multiple-choice exam. This credential has prerequisites.


Multifamily QCI

This advanced Multifamily QCI training course is intended for individuals who want to learn energy auditing requirements for multifamily housing.

To earn this certification, you will need to pass a written exam.


Additional Course Offerings from Everblue

Did you know... Everblue also offers the following:
  • Multifamily Energy Auditor
  • EPA Certified Renovator
  • Introduction to Heat Pumps
  • BPI Healthy Home Evaluator
  • NATE Certification
  • OSHA 10 Construction Safety
  • Industrial & Commercial Energy Auditor
  • Custom curriculum development
  • Online learning portal & curriculum licensing
  • DOE NREL Weatherization Installer Badges

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