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Get LEED Certification Online: All About Training & Exams

Get LEED Certification Online: All About Training & Exams

Online LEED training has been available for the last 10 years, and its popularity has grown in light of accessibility to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, and Covid-19. Before the pandemic, the only way for candidates to take their LEED exam was to appear in person at a Prometric test center. Because of the pandemic, Prometric has introduced a remote exam proctoring option that makes it possible to get LEED Certification online – from start to finish – without ever leaving your home or interacting with anyone.

The best part of online LEED certification is that you can get started as early as TODAY.

How to Get LEED Certification Online

  1. Sign up for LEED Green Associate Exam Prep training. Here at Everblue, we offer two types of online LEED certification training. One is a self-paced online webinar, the other is a live webinar.
  2. Study for 20-30 hours. Especially because you want to get LEED certification online, you’ll have to take greater responsibility for your study habits. You have to make the commitment to study the material on a regular basis and not let other projects and habits get in the way.
  3. Purchase the LEED Green Associate exam. The U.S. Green Building Council (the creators of LEED) sell the LEED Green Associate exam for $250. You’ll need to make a free account on their website and then purchase the exam.
  4. Schedule to take your LEED Green Associate exam. This is the part where you’ll truly get LEED Certification online. You will visit the Prometric website, choose from the list of exams being offered, and select the Online format. You’ll be able to choose the exact date and time of your exam session.

For more information about the LEED testing process, see our post on LEED Online Exam Proctoring.

Why should you get LEED certification online?

Simple – it’s faster, safer, more convenient, and more affordable!

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With LEED certification webinar training, you can begin learning immediately after you enroll in the course. No having to wait for an upcoming session to start. From the exam side of things, you also don’t have as much of a waiting period. The online LEED testing process doesn’t have to account for the number of computers and chairs in the Prometric test center computer lab; it can just proctor you from your home office.

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In light of health concerns with the ongoing pandemic, it’s certainly safer for you to stay home and learn/test in place. You won’t be exposed to anyone else’s possible health risks. On top of the stress you may already feel about taking an exam, the last thing you’d want to do is be in a small room for 2 hours sitting beside people who are less than six feet from you! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of Prometric’s online exam proctoring option.

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Since many people are furloughed or working from home right now, it’s convenient to begin learning about LEED from a personal laptop at home. Moreover, the format of online LEED training is simply more convenient than attending a live classroom course; you can watch 20 minutes here, 3 hours there, whenever you have a spare moment. Online LEED training won’t get in the way of your work/life balance.

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And best of all, the most affordable option is for you to get LEED certification online. Because you’ll be learning and testing from home, you won’t be spending money on gas traveling to a class or test center. Or worse, you won’t have to spend money on a hotel or airfare if a class or test center would have otherwise been far from your home.

There are many benefits to online LEED certification training and testing. You get the same high quality curriculum and secure testing experience without having the hassle of putting on real clothes and facing the world! It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to get LEED certification online.

Do you want LEED Certification or LEED Accreditation?

One thing you’ll learn during the LEED Green Associate training is that “LEED Certification” is actually the term used to describe buildings that have incorporated sustainability and green building strategies into its design, construction, and/or operations.

“LEED Accreditation” is the term for people who want to highlight their knowledge of the LEED certification process by way of a professional credentialing exam.

Many people think they want to get LEED certification online, but really, they want LEED Accreditation.

In any case, we can help you do that! As we noted above, simply sign up for LEED Green Associate Exam Prep training, and you’ll be on the right path toward earning a LEED professional credential.

If you have any questions about LEED accreditation, give us a call at (800) 460-2575.

For those working on LEED building projects…

Oftentimes, LEED certification for a building project can’t be achieved without the technical knowledge and guidance of a LEED accredited professional on the job.

So if you’re actively working on a building project that requires LEED Certification, you’d probably be best served pursuing LEED Accreditation for yourself so that you understand the process inside and out.

You too would want to start with the LEED Green Associate Exam Prep (it’s the required first step for anyone interested in LEED).

The point is, it’s entirely possible to earn a LEED credential without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Get LEED training online, take your LEED exam online, and you’re done! We hope that we can help you on your journey to earning a LEED credential.

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