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The Fastest Way to Earn Continuing Education

An Explanation on Continuing Education Credits for their respective Certifications

The Fastest Way to Earn Continuing Education

Thank you for joining us today in our exploration of the hottest topic known to the sustainability industry: continuing education. It’s an issue that affects all of our students, whether you have a LEED credential or a certification from BPI/RESNET, or another organization. Nobody wants to think about it – much less talk about it – but there are some basic points that we need to discuss. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible. Choose from the credential that best suits your needs.

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If You Have a LEED Credential

Accredited LEED professionals must pursue continuing education every two years. You may be more familiar with the term “credential maintenance” or LEED CMP.

  • LEED Green Associates – need 15 hours (3 of which must be specific to LEED)
  • LEED APs w/ Specialty – need 30 hours (6 of which must be specific to LEED)

There are several ways that you can acquire these hours. The easiest, and quickest, way to fulfill this requirement is to enroll in a comprehensive package that gives you all your hours. We’ve got these one-stop solutions ready to go. You can register for LEED CMP for Green Associates or LEED CMP for APs.

Benefits of LEED Credential Maintenance

A series of industry-relevant on-demand webinars make up these packages, and here’s why you’re excited to get started:

  • Gain access to the webinar content immediately after purchase
  • Watch the presentations any time you want – night or day – on your schedule
  • Control the pace as you wish – pause, rewind, fast forward, or restart at your convenience
  • Watch from a mobile device – iPad, iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 3rd generation or newer, Mac or PC
  • Content tailored specifically to your credential’s requirements so you don’t have to worry about whether you are missing anything
  • Simply take a comprehension quiz at the end, and that’ll trigger Everblue staff to submit your LEED CMP hours on your behalf. Just sit back and relax!

If You Have a BPI Credential

BPI-certified technicians must pursue continuing education every three years. You may be more familiar with the term “recertification.”

BPI Building Analysts, Envelope Professionals, Heating Professionals, AC/Heat Pump Professionals, Manufactured Housing Professionals, Multifamily Building Analysts, and/or Multifamily Building Operators:

  • 30+ hours = no written exam required. Must retake field exam.
  • 10-29 hours = must complete 50-question written exam and retake field exam.
  • 0-9 hours = must complete 100-question written exam for the first designation and a 50-question written exam for each additional designation. Must retake field exam.

As prescribed with the LEED CMP route, we suggest making the pursuit of continuing education as easy as possible. Thus, we have comprehensive BPI recertification packages available. You can register for a complete package by visiting our BPI recertification page.

Note: Our packages are specifically aimed at BPI Building Analyst, Envelope, and/or IDL credential holders only.

Benefits of BPI Recertification

Testing isn’t fun, but assuming that you’ve been actively working as a home energy auditor and utilizing the whole-house approach, you should be able to pass your retest with confidence. In the event that you’re worried, we’ve supplied a few supplements to get you started:

  • Live field training with an instructor at a real home near you
  • Online field training review videos
  • Proctored written exam
  • Proctored field exam
  • The ease of fulfilling your requirement with less than one week’s time commitment

If You Are a RESNET HERS Rater

RESNET HERS Raters must pursue continuing education every three years.

  • HERS Raters – need 18 hours

I’m not going to lie to you – the fastest, most relevant way to earn your continuing education is to take our ENERGY STAR Version 3 Training and Testing. This course provides exactly 18 hours of training and, in one swoop, completely fulfills your requirement. Not only that, all HERS Raters are required to complete this training and testing to service and/or inspect homes seeking an ENERGY STAR v3 rating. You can register for this one-stop-shop solution by visiting our ENERGY STAR v3 page.

Benefits of RESNET Continuing Education

There are several benefits to choosing this route:

  • Like the LEED CMP packages, the ENERGY STAR v3 training is delivered as an on-demand webinar, so you gain access to the content immediately after purchase.
  • You’ll have access for a full year from the time of purchase, so you can watch the webinars anytime at your convenience.
  • Watch from a mobile device – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC
  • Your other option is to attend the RESNET National Conference and earn your CEUs by attending the workshops. If you are under a time or money crunch, the ENERGY STAR v3 training is a much cheaper and faster way to fulfill your requirement.
  • Expand your career opportunities by gaining real, applicable skills.

If You Have Other Continuing Education Needs

Architects and engineers and land surveyors, oh my! Many state boards require continuing education from these professionals to maintain their credential. Each state may be different.

Hopefully this clears up any questions about continuing education. If you have a more specific question, please give us a call at (800) 460-2575.

About Lesley Baulding

Lesley has been passionately advocating for and working with green building and renewable energy since 2009. She has experience with LEED certification, home energy auditing, blower door testing, solar energy, and more. She holds many certifications, including LEED Green Associate and NABCEP Certification. Her work has won numerous awards over the past decade.