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Earn a LEED Credential Within 1 Month Using This Guide

A Schedule to Ensure You Pass your LEED Green Associate Exam Within A Month

Earn a LEED Credential Within 1 Month Using This Guide

Are you having difficulty focusing your study efforts? This is not uncommon. Preparing for your LEED exam may seem like a daunting activity. In all likelihood, many of these terms and concepts will be brand new to you. It might seem like information overload. Thankfully, there is a straightforward way of getting through this…and doing so within one month. We’ll help you earn a LEED credential in just 30 days.

Everblue has been in the business of preparing business and construction professionals for their LEED exams for the last five years. We’ve trained over 15,000 students in total. We spend a great deal of time interacting with the USGBC, attending trade shows and conferences, reading articles, reviewing legislation, etc. to provide relevant training materials to our students, and we are constantly updating our curriculum to ensure the most effectiveness. Our LEED training courses are the best in the business for this reason.

One reality remains, however. You have to be in the right frame of mind to prepare for your LEED exam. This means that you need a study plan. We’ve listened and analyzed all of our students’ feedback about what they did to supplement their LEED training and pass their exam. I’m going to let you in on one of their biggest secrets now…

Make sure you have time to devote to this goal.

Earn LEED Accreditation Within One MonthIf you’re planning on going on vacation, or you’re really busy at work, it might not be the best time for you to pursue a LEED credential. An exam prep course alone will take you 10-14 hours to complete. This may be done online at your convenience or in a concentrated classroom setting. After you’ve completed a course, you’ll want to spend an additional 20-30 hours of study time on the concepts you learned. Here’s a sample schedule: 

Day 1: After reviewing your schedule, you make the commitment to earn a LEED credential.

Day 2: You sign up for a LEED training course (live or online).

Days 3-10: Log into your Everblue student account and review the suggested pre-course reading materials.

Days 11-12: You attend your LEED exam prep course.

Days 13-14: You let the material sink in.

Day 15: You register for your LEED exam, allowing yourself some extra study time.

Days 16-23: You study the credit categories for an hour a night. (8 hrs)

Day 24: Review the slides from your course manual and/or digital workbook (2 hrs)

Day 25: Take Practice Exam One (2 hrs) and review the answers (2 hrs)

Day 26: Let the material sink in.

Day 27: Take Practice Exam Two (2 hrs) and review the answers (2 hrs)

Day 28: Review the course manual and credit categories, one last time (3 hrs)

Day 29: Take your LEED Exam.

You can see that, all in all, the process can take as little as a month. It really depends on your comfort level and familiarity with the material. We’re often told by our students that our practice exams are much harder than the actual LEED exam, so if you are scoring high on our practice exams, then you’re ready to take the real one.

You’ll also notice that the first suggested activity after taking the exam prep course is to schedule your LEED exam. We recommend that you schedule your exam because it provides you with a very real goal to work toward. If you don’t schedule your exam, you will procrastinate and/or lose focus altogether.

For more tips and tricks about passing your LEED exam, give us a call at (800) 460-2575.

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