Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Stay Safe, Healthy & Successful

Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Stay Safe, Healthy & Successful

The Coronavirus pandemic is in full swing. At Everblue, we take your health, safety, and success serious. We also take professional development and your career success equally seriously.

Professional Development and Personal Growth

We value professional development and personal growth as the core of professional success. Given the economic uncertainty generated by the pandemic, we believe that investing in yourself is the best use of your time (after making sure your family is safe & healthy). Preparing now for your future economic success is a great investment in yourself. To that end, we are offering a number of incentives, programs, and resources to facilitate your professional success.

For Prospective Students

We plan to run future live courses listed on our website.

The Coronavirus pandemic offers lots of uncertainty though and we encourage you to consider online, webcast, or mentored learning options. We will run those programs no matter what.

We have a very generous success guarantee and refund policy.

For Existing Students

Please consider the following:

Classroom Training Safety. For live events, we are taking every precaution. This includes sanitizing equipment and facilities.

Additional Training Options. We will be calling all of our enrollees and offering the following options to each student in addition to their live course training.

  • On-Demand Learning – This is online, anytime learning with a mix of video lectures and engaging content exercises or simulators. All of our courses have on-demand learning options. We want you to be successful, and we recognize that some people are hesitant to try this format. To that end, we guarantee your success (See note below).
  • Webcast Learning – While online learning can be self paced, we also have live instructor-led training. While you lose the flexibility from online, anytime learning, the benefit here is that the scheduled sessions and a live instructor help hold you accountable. We will offer free transfers to this format, and we guarantee your success (See note below)
  • Mentored Learning & Coaching – This innovative format is our fastest growing course offering. You get the flexibility benefits of online, anytime learning combined with the accountability and career guidance. This highly personalized experience is an incredible value. We will offer free transfers to this format, and we guarantee your success (See note below)

Success Guarantee Note: While we see professionals succeed across all learning formats, we recognize that some people prefer live classroom learning and/or are hesitant about online learning. IF you transfer to an on-demand, webcast, or mentored learning format and it’s not working for you, we will transfer you back to a live course of your choosing. We want you to succeed.

For Our Business & University Partners

We offer learning management systems, online testing, and remote proctoring. For the duration of the epidemic, we can help you get online fast and have our team working overtime to help you transition to remote operations.

Contact us today by phone at 800-460-2575 or by email at [email protected]

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