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NC HERS Rater Jobs Unfilled; Need More Certified Professionals

A recent study reveals that North Carolina home building numbers exceed the number of certified RESNET HERS Raters, which means there are jobs for HERS Raters in NC.

NC HERS Rater Jobs Unfilled; Need More Certified Professionals

The North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA) worked with the Energy and Environmental Assistance Office of UNC Charlotte’s Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) to collect and analyze data on the impact of energy-efficient, high-performance home and building projects across NC. And what they found is that there are more NC HERS Rater jobs available than there are certified professionals to fill them!

Ryan Miller, the NCBPA founder and executive director, indicated that he wanted to collect this data to back up NC’s reputation as a top five state for energy efficiency and home performance. He cited previous state accomplishments such as:

  • 3rd most HERS ratings in the nation
  • 7th most LEED certifications
  • 3rd most ENERGY STAR new home certifications

The study found more than 122,000 energy-efficient and high-performance homes and buildings built or retrofitted in North Carolina since 2007. The data supports that NC is in the top 5 nationally for green and high-performance building and is continuing to grow each year.

However, a key issue identified through the report is that companies working with builders to rate and certify these homes can’t find enough certified professionals to keep up with demand. “We have NC HERS Rater jobs available today and more on the way,” said Miller.

Southern Energy Management is one of the state’s largest home energy rating companies that works in both the Triangle and Charlotte markets and is always looking for new HERS Raters, according to employee Jillian Gonzalez.

“SEM aims to create a more sustainable, healthier environment through improved energy usage. We work with builders across the state to increase the value and quality of the homes they produce, and we rely on certified Home Energy Raters to ensure that each home meets or exceeds standards for many levels of certifications in energy efficiency. We are a company that values its people, and we’re always looking for new HERS Raters to join our team,” said Gonzalez.

What Does a HERS Rater Do? What this short video to learn more:

“Being a HERS Rater is a pretty fun job. The typical day involves driving to job sites to meet with builders and trades to test and rate homes for energy efficiency. The work is consistent, the hours aren’t too long and there’s plenty of opportunity to grow and advance with additional certifications and professional development opportunities,” said Miller.

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