BPI Certification

BPI Certification Prerequisites

BPI Certification Prerequisites

Prior to BPI Certification 2023, there were no formal prerequisites for a person to earn certification from the Building Performance Institute (BPI) – other than passing the written/field exams associated with the desired certification. But now, BPI Certification prerequisites exist.

What Are The BPI Certification Prerequisites?

All candidates are required to start with the BPI Building Science Principles certificate of knowledge. This is where you’ll gain fundamental knowledge about how building science works, including the relationship of how systems in the home affect occupant comfort, health, and safety.

After you pass the BPI Building Sciences Principles written exam, you can advance toward the BPI Building Analyst Technician (BA-T) certification. This is an entry-level certification for those who collect data in homes and perform diagnostic testing. 

After you pass the BPI Building Analyst Technician field exam, you can advance toward the BPI Building Analyst Professional (BA-P) certification. This certification is designed for experienced practitioners who do energy modeling and provide work scope recommendations.

As you can see, the BPI Certification prerequisites include tiered certifications and the passing of various exams. 

The Building Performance Institute offers 10+ certifications, and it can be overwhelming if you’re new to the industry. To keep it simple, just remember the BPI Certification prerequisites:

Candidates cannot use work experience or other industry certifications to skip or bypass any of the BPI Certification prerequisites. Go ahead and get started with the BPI Building Science Principles training today!

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