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BPI Certification Changes Will Impact New & Existing BPI Professionals

Based on feedback from the 2019 HPC National Conference, BPI has announced a series of changes to its certifications.

BPI Certification Changes Will Impact New & Existing BPI Professionals

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is making a whole host of changes in 2020. We anticipate that these BPI certification changes will improve the quality of the standards and the reputations of those who earn a designation.

The Good. These are technically sound upgrades to the certifications developed by industry representatives, and they are intended to be more applicable to folks in the field. With clearly defined job tasks, these certifications will allow professionals to differentiate themselves in the field and claim access to some of the billions of consumer and federal spending being directed toward home performance. That’s the good news.

The Challenges. The more challenging news is that the naming and branding of these certifications are a confusing mess. Especially for someone looking to get started in the industry. Quickly, how many of these acronyms can you spell out and explain the requirements for: BPI, BA, HEP, EA, BAT, BAP, BSP, CEU, MF, etc.

The New Certifications

Building Analyst Professional (BAP) – This Building Analyst upgrade will now combine the BPI BA and Envelope certifications – yay! Ultimately, the BPI Envelope Professional certification will be retired.

Building Analyst Technician (BAT) – This will now include diagnostic components of the current BA and Envelope certifications developed for the technician.

The pilot launch of these will likely start in April 2020, and BPI promises more info coming soon.

For Current BPI Professionals

BPI Certified Professionals who are currently certified as a BA and/or Envelope Professional will still be able to renew these certifications under the current testing/renewal scheme until the updated BA Professional certification is launched.

Certifications renewed before the launch will be valid for 3 years from the renewal date. Individuals who renew the BA Professional certification on or after the updated BA Professional certification launch will be required to certify under the new schemes set by the subject matter experts.

For anyone considering BPI Certification, get certified now before these changes take place. Claim your certification before the requirements and testing almost certainly become more difficult.

Other BPI Certification Changes

Home Energy Auditor Certification (HEP) now requires pre-approval to make sure candidates are qualified to test before the start the process. This is the highest-tier certification offered, and these pre-approvals are a good thing.

BPI Building Science Principles (BSP) is now being pushed more aggressively. BPI Certified Professionals can earn six CEU credits for earning the BSP Certificate, and if a Test Center (like Everblue) offers training, it’s possible for the training to provide additional CEU credits.

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