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Solar Technology: 5 Reasons To Invest In & Support Solar

Why Solar Is The Next Big Thing

Solar Technology: 5 Reasons To Invest In & Support Solar

As discussions about renewable energy heat up in the national discourse, many individuals are wondering about the benefits of solar technology to U.S. Energy Independence. Ultimately, there are several reasons why alternative energy solutions, like solar power, will greatly impact economic and ecological structures. Below are five specific reasons why solar power is an important investment:

1. Fossil Fuels Are Depleting: One of the fundamental reasons to invest in alternative energy solutions involves the reality of resource depletion. Finite natural resources, including oil and natural gas, will continue to decline in supply in the coming decades as demand increases among industrialized and emerging countries. Given the limited availability of these energy sources, it will be necessary at some point in the future to utilize new energy sources that are more sustainable. With solar technology continuing to decrease in price and photovoltaic (PV) system efficiency continuing to increase, investments in solar power today will help alleviate the economic, ecological, and societal problems that will arise from resource depletion.

2. Pollution Will Be Reduced: Current dominant sources of American energy, including coal and oil, are major contributors to pollution. Greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are consistently exhausted from current energy sources. Alternatively, the use of renewable energy will help reduce the emissions of harmful elements into the atmosphere. These are found to reduce air quality, visibility, and contribute to ozone depletion.

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3. Decrease Natural Resource Dependency: In the increasingly globalized economic world, demand for resources like oil has continually impacted the political and economic vitality of countries, including the United States. A dedicated alternative energy solution would allow for greater control over economic activity as energy production occurs domestically. In this sense, an alternative energy solution would provide greater energy, economic, and national security.

4. Consumer Demand Is Growing: According to a recent study by the Solar Energy Industries Association, Americans are fully in support of solar energy. The annual study has consistently shown that individuals across various political spectrums support solar energy: Republicans (84 percent), Democrats (98 percent), and Independents (95 percent). Specifically, the study concluded with the following attitudes:

  • 92 percent of voters believe that it is important for the U.S. to develop and use more solar energy
  • 85 percent of voters view solar energy favorably
  • 78 percent of voters say government should support the growth of solar energy with financial incentives

5. Help Create New Jobs: As the renewable energy industry continues to expand with increased support among businesses, manufacturers, and consumers, there will inevitably be a stronger demand for skilled workers. Jobs in various fields, including construction, sales, and manufacturing, will continue to grow in demand, strengthening both the industry itself as well as the economy.

The reasons listed above demonstrate the importance that investing in solar technology will have on ecological and economic vitality. As the adoption of solar power continues to increase, it will be important to understand the significant reasons for investment. Everblue currently offers a variety of renewable energy courses including Solar PV Associate, Solar PV Installer, and Solar Sales training. These courses provide a comprehensive overview of the solar industry and will help prepare individuals for one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. For more information, please visit our courses, or call us at (800) 460-2575.

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