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LEED Acronym on Resume is Just 1 of 14 Ways to Flaunt Credential

Now that you've passed your LEED exam, follow these tips to celebrate and highlight your achievement.

LEED Acronym on Resume is Just 1 of 14 Ways to Flaunt Credential

Professionals who have passed the LEED exam use the LEED acronym after their name to show off their achievement. It can be useful to do so if you are trying to gain employment or win over potential clients.

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If you’ve passed your LEED exam, congratulations! You’ve gone through quite the effort to get here, so now – enjoy it! Here are several ways that you can share your excitement and let your friends and colleagues know that you are a true sustainability professional.

1 – Add your LEED credential to your email signature

2 – Add your LEED credential to your business card

3 – Add your LEED credential to your LinkedIn profile

4 – Add your LEED credential to your resume

5 – Share a photo of your exam score sheet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

6 – Update your bio on your company website

7 – Add yourself to the USGBC Directory of accredited professionals

8 – Submit your success story to your local business journal or newspaper

9 – Submit your success story to Everblue

10 – Post your exam score sheet or official certificate in your cubicle or home office

11 – Submit guest blogs and articles to green building publications, including your credentials in your bio or byline

12 – Join relevant LinkedIn groups or Google+ communities where you can share your newly acquired LEED expertise

13 – Join your local USGBC chapter alongside like-minded professionals and raise awareness of sustainability in your community

14 – Participate on a LEED project

In what other ways are you planning to use your LEED credential? Send us your success story at [email protected].

If you haven’t yet earned a LEED acronym, check out our LEED training courses that will help prepare you for your exam.

For any other LEED questions, visit the U.S. Green Building Council.

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